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I came down with a pretty bad case of the flu this weekend, so my thoughts have been a little more difficult to organize. But as I was lying in bed, drinking 30+ cups of orange juice, and watching yet another Audrey Hepburn movie, my mind wandered to the people in my life. Of course I began thinking about my family and close friends, but then I started thinking about this whole idea of a personal “network.” In my humble opinion, your personal network is really consisted of those meaningful, professional relationships that you have developed in which you can call on those people for references, advice, career opportunities, support, etc.

In the “old days” your personal network was developed solely in person. By attending leads groups, BNI groups, networking events, churches, PTA meetings, school, whathaveyou… for the most part, your network was built by one-on-one, in-person contact – or with a personal introduction from/through someone else.

Now today, with the onslaught of social and online networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), the development of a personal network has evolved and how we meet people and foster relationships has completely changed.

Within our social networks, there are those we communicate with often. We know them by name, we comment on their content, we engage on a regular basis. We have developed a working rapport with these people.

Then, in our networks, we have the “lurkers.” The “lurkers” are those whom we are friends with, or follow, or are connected to, that we never, ever, ever, engage with. (I’m 100% guilty of this, too. We all are. So let’s not go pointing fingers.) These are people we ran into or had a brief conversation with way back when, and since then, we have dropped that connection. We don’t chat, talk, or connect at all.

SO, my social media tip of the week this week is: Make Better Connections (and renew old ones).

Find those people that you follow on Twitter, are friends with on Facebook, or are connected to on LinkedIn and spark a conversation with them. Renew that relationship. Make that connection worthwhile. You never know when you might need that person!

And the next time you follow someone, friend someone, or make a connection with someone, make it personal. Find a common interest, share a personal story, ask a question. Whatever! But make it substantial.

Rid your network (and your life) of those “lurkers.” Lurkers are creepy, anyway.

What do you think? Do you think those “lurkers” are always going to be there? Have you found a way to make your network more worthwhile?


Creepy phisherman.

Creepy phisherman.

My social media tip of the week this week SHOULD be common sense, but apparently, and alas, for some people, it is not.


You know the link I’m talking about. The link in your Facebook inbox, the tagged photo meme, your Twitter DM’s, etcetera, etcetera…

Here are some examples of what I am referring to and these are cut and paste DIRECTLY from my Twitter and Facebook inboxes (No worries, I have broken the links so that they don’t infect you):

  • Hey, I just added you to my Mafia family. You should accept my invitation! 🙂 Click here:
  • We Only Have Space for 1000 Participants and Each Week We Are At Full Capacity So Don’t Delay and Register Right NOW!
  • If Guy likes it, I will try it! RT @Guykawasaki I just tried this service… and it works!
  • Thanks for following me. Start making more money in 15 minutes:
  • “Hi, this you on here?”
  • “Your friend’s booty looks gooood in this video.”
  • “I found your old pictures from high school!”

No, you’re booty doesn’t look good in that video. No, your friend did NOT find your pictures from high school. And if they did, they wouldn’t just DM you a creepy link. These are what is known as PHISHING scams. No, not ploys to get you to listen to old Phish albums. Phishing scams are defined as (via Wikipedia):

In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging,[1] and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.

Essentially, when you click that link that you SHOULD NOT CLICK, a tiny virus gets into your computer system and spreads that virus to all of your contacts (or sends a similar link out to people in your network hoping THEY, too, will click the link). And so on and so forth. That virus can steal ALL of your vital information, logins, usernames, passwords, and even credit card and personal information (like addresses, etc.)

Also, if you get an email or a direct message that asks you to change you password, put in your information, or update something, DON’T DO IT through that link. Some links sent to us look VERY real using real graphics, correct information, etc.

The FIRST thing you should do is manually access the website in question – meaning, click out of whatever window you are in, shut down your browser all the way, open up a new browser window, then type in the web address manually. Once you have accessed the site in question, if you REALLY do need to change something, it should say it when you login legitimately.

Also, the FTC has a great site on ways to protect yourself from confusing phishing scams.

So, EVEN IF you trust the person who has sent you the link, double check with them to make sure it is legit. I question my friends all the time just to be sure.

But seriously, stop clicking that link that says, “ROFL, is this you?! [insert spammy link here].” OF COURSE IT IS NOT YOU. Seriously, people? Who is clicking these links.

So, for the sake of all of us. Stop clicking that phishing link. You know the one I’m talking about.

Question: What examples have YOU seen of “good” phishing scams? And by “good,” I mean, they seem legitimate, but end up getting you. Why do YOU think people are clicking the links? What’s your opinion?


photo credit: pyromarketing


Thank you!Maybe because it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Maybe because I’m in grateful mode. Maybe it’s because I just ran 2.5 miles. Maybe it’s because I’m craving a Chipotle burrito. I don’t know. But I’m feeling Thankful today.

Therefore, this week’s Social Media Tip of the Week is: Give Thanks.

Now, what exactly do I mean by that, other than the obvious literal meaning of “give thanks”? We all know, well hopefully most of us know, social media is all about community. It’s all about making personal connections, networking, sharing, supporting, engaging, and giving. However, I feel like sometimes well (yes, all of us) tend to forget what the big point of social media is all about. Of course this is not on purpose – we just get jaded by the things life throws at us and subsequently we lose sight of what is in front of us.

Sure, social media has many purposes – to connect with old friends, make new friends, market a business or product, whathaveyou. But to me, what makes social media so awesome, is how we’re taking away that traditional approach of “I-could-care-less-about-you-I-just-want-to-market-my-product” and we’re replacing it with “I-do-care-about-you-and-I-want-to-get-to-know-you-and-then-maybe-you’ll-buy-my-stuff.” Social media is different. It’s awesome. And it’s honest. It’s hard to be a good BS’er through social media – because very quickly you’ll be exposed… and not in a good way.

So what I want you to do this week is take a second to step back and think about your networks. Are you doing a lot of talking and not a lot of listening? Are you doing a lot of talking and not a lot of engaging? Are you recognizing those people in the space, “your space” for their great content, approachable personality, engaging persona, or overall awesomeness?

If you answered “yes” or “no” to any of those aforementioned questions – then you need to give thanks to the people who are awesome in your life, in your networking, at your job, anyone. Who or what are you grateful for? Thank them. Today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it today.

Make someone feel awesome. They deserve it.

And while I’m thinking about it, I want to thank YOU. Yeah, you reading this. Right now.  Without you, I’d be talking to myself. And that would be awkward.

I also want to go ahead and preemptively thank my sister, Bridgid for the awesome Thanksgiving dinner that I know she is going to make tomorrow (with of course, my B-I-L and family helping). She’s a rockstar baker, cook, friend, and sister.

Tell me, who do YOU want to give thanks to?



This week seems to be sending me inspiration left and right. First my small talk post, now this week’s tip of the week! I was reading Chris Brogan’s blog (say THAT 3x fast) the other day, and he had a great post about the questions that we should ask ourselves and our businessespecially with regards to social media.

As usual, his post brought up some great points and I got to thinking about each question and the impact it had on my business. (I’m not going to regurgitate all 7 questions here, you can check out his post by clicking this link).

Then I realized a question was missing. It got me thinking and here is the question I have posed:

When it comes to our practices, whether those be business, branding, or marketing, how are we differentiating ourselves from the pack? In essence, what makes US unique?

I know not all of you own your own business, plan to own your own business, or are even passionate about being an entrepreneur, but my point is that this theory can be applied to any of us, no matter our role. We are all, in and of ourselves, our own “business.” Our personal brand is our business. How we market ourselves, how we represent our brand, and how the world sees us, are all part of our overall “business plan.”

But in this day and age, it is easy to get lost in mix and mass of content out there. For example, when looking for a job, how do YOU make yourself stand out above the other hundred-or-so applicants? Or if you’re a business, how do you make your business stand out against your competitors?

The short answer is to find that unique angle or perspective that differentiates you from the pack.

The long answer is, unfortunately, that can sometimes be difficult.

For me, it has been a challenge. I am passionate about social media and marketing, but so are a gazillion other people out there. So how do I make my brand different than the rest? I don’t want to be better than anyone, but I do want to stand out and I want people to know my name.

My other passion, comedy, was something I thought for a long time that I had to keep separate from my social media brand. Then it dawned on me: Why do I need to separate the two? They are both part of me. Why not combine them? Which is where I came up with the idea of THE Molly Buckley – where I put the MEDIA in comedian.

I am who I am and I’m going to own it. THAT makes me different. THAT makes me unique.

So, my tip this week – is to find out what makes YOUR brand unique. From what angle do you approach your business so that you can stand out from the crowd? What makes your business special?

Find that niche and OWN it. Be the rockstar you know you are. What do YOU think?

If you can’t see the video, click here.



Today is Veteran’s Day. This day is really important to me… I’ll tell you why.

In lieu of a Social Media tip this week, I have more of a life tip. I promise, my story has a point.

My mom, 1947-2002.

Lynda Van Devanter Buckley, 1947-2002.

My mom, Lynda Van Devanter, served as an Army nurse in the Vietnam War from 1969-1970. She left for war a young, naive, girl ready to serve her country. What she would see and experience would change her forever. The horrors of war affected her beyond her comprehension. She came home a very different woman.

For many years, she shut herself away afraid of facing the reality of her time in Vietnam. She was terrorized by nightmares, flashbacks, and couldn’t even watch fireworks for the longest time. She was haunted. Eventually, she channelled her emotions, her fears, and her anger into an incredibly honest, brutal, and life-changing memoir called Home Before Morning. One of the only war memoirs written from the perspective of a woman. After publishing her memoir, my mother continued to face challenges.

Many veterans, especially women veterans, were denied the support they needed and shunned by many members of society. She was spit on, called a baby killer, and ridiculed. Yet, despite the harsh criticism she received, she continued to fight for the rights of women veterans.

Suddenly in the fall of 1993, she became extremely ill due to her exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. Essentially, her immune system was waiting for something to take it over. For ten years, she fought a disease that didn’t have a name, didn’t have an explanation, and didn’t have a cure – this battle went on about nine years longer than doctors had expected. Even through the toughest of times, she continued to speak about her experiences and lobby on behalf of women veterans. She was a revolutionary woman. She passed away November 15, 2002.

I learned everything I know from my mom. No matter what life threw at her, my mom always stayed positive, worked hard, and stood up for what she knew was right – even if it wasn’t the most popular stance. She was incredibly selfless, incredibly humble, and a brilliant woman. She left a lasting legacy and impacted thousands of people – many whom she never even met.

She was a hero and the person I have admired most in the world. I live my life every day with the hopes that I can live up to her legacy and hope to lead a life like hers.

I want to make a difference. I want to make an impact.

So, what is my tip this week? Make an impact. Leave a legacy. Are you living your life every day with the want, the desire, and the drive to serve others? It’s hard to think about sometimes and sounds almost cliche, but honestly, if you were to leave this world tomorrow, what kind of legacy would you be leaving?

Is there someone in your life that you look up to or admire? Take them out to lunch, dinner, coffee, or even send them a note. Thank them. Tell them why they’ve made an impact on your life.

I may not have served in the military, gone to war, or saved lives – but I have goals and I have vision. I get the most joy out of helping others and making people laugh, and I hope that I will be able to make an impact in some way doing what I love.

In addition, because it’s Veteran’s Day – if you know a Veteran or have someone in your life who has served in the military, Thank them. Tell them you are grateful for their service. Many of us would not be here today if it were not for their bravery.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my mom’s story and listen to my thoughts today. I tend to get very reflective at this time of year.

I want to hear Your thoughts. Who in your life has left a legacy and made a lasting impact on you? Is there any mantra/motto/thought that you live by? Tell me your story.

Happy Veteran’s Day.



A while ago, back in the day, I did a video blog post about “What is #FollowFriday?” back when #FollowFriday on Twitter was this new and exciting thing. Since then, I think most of us have lost sight about what #FollowFriday really is about.

Picture 1

See this? This is Twitter name vomit.

On Twitter, #FollowFriday is really a way for us to tell our friends and followers who we LOVE on Twitter and, of course, give props to those awesome Twitter rockstars.

Now, all #FollowFriday has become is a bunch of Twitter-name-vomit.

And that’s sad. 🙁 When you rock out #FollowFriday with a gazillion (I still say that’s a real number) Twitter names, they all become lip-service and get lost in the mix.

How many times do you see a #FollowFriday on Twitter now and actually check out each individual name? I am going to bet that it’s not very often.

So here’s my tip this week: take some extra time with #FollowFriday and say no to name-vomiting. Instead, choose ONE person to give props to in each tweet and tell your followers WHY they are awesome.

Give your followers a reason to follow the people you love.

For example, I gave #FollowFriday props to two of my good friends Beau and Kristen. Here’s my tweet on #FollowFriday for them:

Picture 2

TELL your Followers WHY they're awesome!

Shameless plug? Sure, but the message is short, simple, and tells my followers why these people are awesome. Why not spread your #FollowFriday messages out throughout the day? Even more meaningful, write a blog post giving props to those people you love. That’ll really make them feel awesome and give even more credibility to your suggestions. Try it out this week. I bet you that people will be more likely to listen. Otherwise, it’ll be just a big jumble of names. Ya heard?!

So say NO to #FollowFriday-Twitter-Name-Vomit.

Love your followers and love those you follow and they’ll love you back. Word.

Social Media TIP OF THE WEEK: A Better #FollowFriday from Molly Buckley on Vimeo.

All for now.