My Experience Using Essential Oils & Link-Up!

October 20, 2014·

Young Living Essential Oils want to make a few disclaimers about this post before I really dive into it: 

1. I am coming at you guys NOT as an expert about essential oils. I am FAR from it. This is merely MY personal experience using Young Living Essential Oils over the last six months.

2. I know that there are a lot of different essential oil companies and brands out there. And that’s cool. After doing my own personal research and learning as much as I could about each brand and company, I personally chose to go with and use Young Living because I felt like the quality, ingredients, and the 100% pure therapeutic grade rating made me feel the most comfortable. I spent about five to six months researching before I decided to try them out myself. If you use another brand of essential oils that work well for you, that’s great! I know plenty of people that have had good experiences with other brands. I just want to clarify and for y’all to know that when I speak about a particular essential oil or my experience in this post, I’m talking only about Young Living Essential Oils.

3. I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose / treat / prescribe / etc. anything you may have. These are merely my experiences and testimonials.

4. I will also not say that I’m claiming to be “100% natural” in everything that I do… yes, I am gradually working to rid toxins and chemicals from our lives… but I also am not as hardcore as some people. I don’t make my own shampoo or toothpaste or face moisturizer. I do make my own house cleaner and bug spray and sunscreen. I don’t (and can’t) do it all.. and I don’t try to. I’m just doing little things here and there to get healthier and live healthier and toxin free!

5. Not really a disclaimer, but a question… if this interests you… would you be interested in periodic (NOT weekly… we’re talking maybe monthly) posts on essential oils and how I use them and recipes and whatnot?

Now, let’s get to it.

What IS an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is the “lifeblood” of a plant. It’s the plant in it’s most PURE form. Think of it like this… when you break a tree branch or a leaf and you see the branch or leaf start to seep a little bit of oil and the branch or leaf starts to “heal” itself… well… THAT’S the essential oil of that plant healing itself.

Why I started using Essential Oils…

When I got pregnant in 2012, I immediately became HYPER aware of everything I was putting in my body and everything I was exposing myself to. I suddenly realized that there was this life inside of me that was totally dependent upon me and needed me to help him/her grow… and be healthy! And then when I just kept thinking about all the awful stuff I was exposing not only myself to, but also our unborn child at the time… I just felt awful.

So, I started just looking into lots of natural alternatives for things here and there. Not like I was going 100% natural or anything like that… I just started using more herbal remedies, alternative therapies, natural birth and parenting options etc. Yes, I know it sounds SO hippie and even I was rolling my eyes at myself… BUT, I just wanted to be healthy and do the best I could for our child.

Fast forward to when Lilly was born, all that hyper-awareness of everything around me became amplified even more! I kept thinking about germs, and toxins, and chemicals, and just all the yucky stuff that I wanted to protect me and my family from. So, I continued to research and learn about other natural therapies and medicines and whatnot.

I started learning about essential oils and at first, I was SUPER skeptical. In fact, I was the most skeptical of the skeptics. I just didn’t buy it. I felt like it was snake oil. I felt like it was all a joke and that this stuff was a big crock. But, I watched a few very close friends start using them and I saw the results they were having and so it peeked my interest. I at least got to the point where I was skeptical, BUT willing to at least listen and learn more and do research for myself.

Now, I suffer from CHRONIC migraines and headaches. It’s bad. I have been so dependent upon Advil, Tylenol and other migraine meds for years. And I just felt so awful being dependent upon these drugs that didn’t treat my symptoms or make me any better… they just masked my symptoms and helped for a few short hours. So, when I was reading about the natural ways to treat headaches and migraines with essential oils, I became even more intrigued.

I was also noticing that I was always feeling “off.” Just tired, lethargic, sick, you name it… I just felt yucky. And I started to feel like all of the crap that I surround myself with (toxic chemicals in cleaners, processed foods, etc.) were contributing to it and maybe I should start finding natural ways to improve my overall health. I was looking for things I could begin incorporating into my everyday life that would better support my immune system and my body, in general.

(You’ll have to keep reading to find out what I thought when I actually started using them myself…)

I spent about six months really REALLY researching essential oils and their history. I was fascinated with how much they date back to biblical times and ancient times. Essential oils have literally been used for THOUSANDS of years as natural healing remedies. It’s amazing the more I learned. Young Living Essential Oils

When I was doing my research into the different essential oil companies, these were the questions I asked with each company I came across:

  • Do I know exactly where their oil comes from?
  • Does the company share where the product comes from?
  • How it’s grown?
  • How it’s distilled?
  • Can they go to the company farm and see it for themselves?
  • Does the company harvest and distill with many sample distillations to get the highest amount of therapeutic qualities?
  • Do they know for certain that the oils they buy are safe to ingest? To put on undiluted?
  • Are there ANY toxic warnings that come with their oils?
  • Is there an expiration date?

And the more I learned about Young Living, in particular, the more I felt confident in the company and their products. One thing that also made me feel good about Young Living is that most of their oils are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA to actually ingest. Almost all of their oils can be taken internally… like medicine! In fact, I take a lot of them internally all the time! When other oils I was coming across had warnings on their bottles that said, “WARNING: DO NOT INGEST” – that was a BIG red flag for me.

And yes, other companies can put 100% pure essential oil on their bottle… but think of it like this… when you see a bottle of juice at the store that says 100% juice, but then the ingredients are like… anything BUT actual juice? You know… a bunch of added sugar and stuff like that? Yeah, that’s not really 100% juice. But sure, it’s juice, it’s not sand. So they can say it’s 100% juice. It’s the same thing with essential oils. You can say it’s 100% essential oil, but it could have a whole bunch of other stuff added to it. So, you have to look at the whole PROCESS to know whether or not the oil is actually pure, therapeutic, and safe. Ya know?

Young Living Essential Oils
This is my little Essential Oil organizer I have that I carry from room to room or wherever I’m using the oils…

So, finally… after praying about it, thinking it over, and really trying to decide if using the oils was for me, I decided to give it a go and invest in the premium starter kit and become a wholesale member of Young Living.

I will admit that I have not spoken about or shared my using the oils before on the blog (or on my public social media) because I wanted to REALLY give them a try before I ever said anything about them. I wanted to use them and really put them to the test before I came out and said anything about the product, my experience, etc. So, I have been using them for over five months now and I can say, with 100% confidence, that these oils really are amazing. I’m really not just saying that… it’s the God’s honest truth. I even took my oils with me to San Francisco when I went on my Stitch Fix trip! I couldn’t imagine leaving home without them!

Now, I could talk for days and hours about this stuff and this is already going to be a REALLY long post… but before I dive even deeper, I wanted to say that if you are interested in learning more about essential oils BEYOND this post, join my Facebook group! It’s a great place to just talk and ask questions and whatnot.

Young Living Essential Oils

So, I’m gonna share a little bit of what I have and the oils that I own currently and how I have used them… Pictured below are my oils, individually, and how I use each one… (They are listed in no particular order)

Joy Young Living Essential Oil


This is an essential oil blend that comes in the Premium Start Kit and it is one of my favorites. I actually just finished this bottle and I have another one on order for November! It really lifts your spirit, it makes a great perfume, and you can use it to freshen clothes or a room. I use it in my diffuser all the time!

Lavender Young Living Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil TestimonyLavender

This is in my top three most used essential oils… BY FAR. This is my second bottle (I finished the bottle that came in the premium starter kit) and I am almost done with this bottle. This is the “swiss army knife” of oils. There are HUNDREDS of uses for this oil. It is amazing.

The picture to the right, is a little “example” of how amazing it is…

At Lilly’s 12 month appointment, she got another round of shots and one was the Chicken Pox vaccine. She had a pretty bumpy reaction to it (common), and it was really red, and raised, and irritating to her (as you can see on the left). I put ONE drop of Lavender essential oil on the area when I put her down for her nap and when she woke up, it was almost completely healed (as you can see on the left). I was seriously amazed!

Here is a scientific study about the use of Lavender on those with allergies. This is also a study on the correlation of lavender and histamine response.

It’s a GREAT oil!

Lemon Young Living Essential Oil


This is also my second bottle of lemon. Lemon comes in the premium starter kit and I use it all the time. My FAVORITE use is actually just a drop in my ice water. ONE drop of lemon essential oil is super powerful. It helps curb appetite, you can use it in homemade house cleaner (scientific study here), I use it in the diffuser to help get the room smelling great, I use it to cook with, etc..

There are, again, hundreds of uses for this oil. It’s a great, affordable oil that is a must-have!

Frankincense Young Living Essential Oil


This oil comes in the premium starter kit and is amazing. I always think of Jesus when I think of Frankincense because that’s what the wise men brought to Him. It also has so many uses… headaches, age spots, wrinkles, depression, inflammation (scientific study here)… and it’s also been known to help with treating and easing the symptoms of CANCER patients (scientific study here and here). How amazing is that?! It’s a pricey oil, which is why it makes the premium starter kit as valuable as it is.

Thieves Young Living Essential Oil


As you can see, this bottle has been WELL loved. This is my second bottle of thieves and I actually just ran out (NOOOO!!!!)… so I am anxiously awaiting my November order for another bottle to come. This oil is amazing. I love the story behind it…

In short, back during the time of the black plague, there were these robbers (thieves) who were robbing the graves of plague victims. BUT, they weren’t getting sick and they weren’t dying! They weren’t catching the black plague. Well, finally, they were caught and they were asked how they were able to keep from getting sick. Well, it turns out that they were actually spice traders and they were using a blend of natural essential oils to ward off illness. Thus, the thieves essential oil blend was born!

I have actually made my own household cleaner using thieves and I have totally stopped using any store-bought cleaning products. I use the thieves cleaner I made to clean our kitchen, bathrooms, sinks, etc. It works GREAT! In fact, I think it might work better than the stuff I used to use that I bought at the store.

This oil is one of my most used oils, for sure.

Peace & Calming Young Living Essential Oil

Peace and Calming

This is another essential oil blend that comes in the premium starter kit. At first, to be honest, I didn’t love it. MAINLY because it has patchouli in it and I don’t love the smell of patchouli. BUT, when I started using this oil in conjunction with oils like lavender or Joy, etc. in my diffuser, I ended up liking it a lot more. It has a VERY soothing (obviously), earthy smell to it.

Valor Young Living Essential Oil


This is another one of my favorite oil blends. This blend helps with A LOT… but it is MOST FAMOUS for helping with things like snoring, teeth grinding, and used before a chiropractic adjustment it is said to support spinal alignment.

The only sad thing is that I have run out of this oil and it’s currently out of stock (except for in the premium starter kit). So I’m doing a massive sad face… because I need some Valor in my life. BIG TIME.

Purification Young Living Essential Oil


This oil has so many multi-purpose uses, it’s crazy! This is my second bottle… it also comes in the premium starter kit. The most common way I use this oil is I actually used it in my DIY homemade bug spray this summer. It smells awesome and it works BY FAR better than ANY insect repellant I’ve ever used. I notoriously get eaten alive by mosquitos and purification worked WONDERS this summer. It’s amazing!

Stress Away Young Living Essential Oil

Stress Away

This is a blend that does, pretty much what it says… it’s a blend of oils that support the body when it’s under stress. It smells great and I use it all the time when I’m feeling overwhelmed! It comes in the premium starter kit…

PanAway Young Living Essential Oil


This is the “pain reliever” of oils. It’s great for use during “that time of the month.” This oil comes in the premium starter kit. You definitely need to use a carrier oil with this one (like coconut oil, almond oil, etc.). It is also the only oil with a child proof cap on it.

Peppermint Young Living Essential Oil


This is, by and large, my most used oil. This is my THIRD bottle of peppermint. And yes, it comes in the premium starter kit. I use this, primarily for my headaches. I have chronic migraines and headaches and it has helped more than ANYTHING else I have ever, EVER used. (Scientific study on the use of peppermint and its affect on headaches).

I have also used this oil when I have a stuffy nose (clears you RIGHT up!), I use it in the diffuser, and I have also put it in tea or water.

This oil also helps with any stomach issues!! (Scientific study on the use of peppermint and those with IBS)

Eucalyptus Globulus Young Living Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus

This is another REALLY new oil to me and I got it because I wanted to use it this fall and winter for sinus infections and any other respiratory illnesses that may come our way. (scientific study)

Breathe Again Roll-On Young Living Essential Oil

Breathe Again Roll-On

I always have sinus issues EVERY fall and winter and I perpetually can’t breathe out of my nose. I heard great things about the Breathe Again Roll-On which is an essential oil blend that helps support proper respiratory functions!

Orange Young Living Essential Oil


This is a super affordable oil and it smells great and it’s one of those oils that is great to add to the diffuser, any DIY home beauty product, etc. It’s also great for acne! I had a BIG pimple, put a drop of Orange on there, and it was gone in a day or two! I also put a few drops of Orange in my vacuum when I’m vacuuming and it makes the room smell so fresh!

Ylang Ylang Young Living Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang

This is actually my newest oil. I just got it in my October order, so I don’t have TOO much experience with it. I’ve just mainly been diffusing it for now, but it has a REALLY wonderful, floraly scent. (Scientific study about its calming effect)

En-R-Gee Young Living Essential Oil


This was an oil I was TOTALLY skeptical about, but after the recommendation of a few friends, they all said that it is amazing. This oil is a “blend” of a few oils and it is said to awaken the senses, make you more focused, etc. The first time I used this oil, I had, BY FAR, the most productive day I’d had in weeks. When I use this oil, I immediately feel alert, awake, and ready to accomplish the tasks ahead of me. If I ever need an afternoon “pick-me-up” I totally reach for En-R-Gee. It’s also GREAT in the diffuser with lemon, Joy, orange, or other similar “fresh” oils.

Cedarwood Young Living Essential Oil


This is a newer oil for me, but I’ve been diffusing it at bedtime and it really helps me wind down at the end of the day. It’s also said to support those with ADD or ADHD (scientific study here).

Carrot Seed Young Living Essential Oil

Carrot Seed

I actually got carrot seed oil SOLELY for the purpose of making DIY homemade sunscreen. Carrot Seed Oil has a natural SPF of about 30SPF… then, mixed with Coconut Oil which has a natural SPF of about 4-5SPF, you immediately have 35SPF sunscreen that’s totally toxin free and totally safe! I got this oil later in the summer so I wasn’t able to use it as much as I wanted. I look forward to learning of the other ways to use this oil.

Young Living Essential Oils

Now let’s talk the diffuser…

This diffuser comes in the premium starter kit, and for me, was TOTALLY worth it. I use this diffuser all. day. long. and all. night. long. For real. It’s amazing. It has completely changed my life and our home! I diffuse oils and help our home smell good while also ridding the air of toxins, germs, nasty odors, etc.

The diffuser is my favorite thing ever. I want another one so I can have one for both levels of the house! haha!!!

Diffuser - Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

Here are some recent diffuser combos that I have been LOVING: 

Young Living Essential Oils - Diffuser Combos

Young Living Essential Oils

In the meantime, if you are looking to learn some information, share some tips, tricks, DIY recipes, or you just want to talk essential oils (and share some giggles…), I would LOVE for you to join my Facebook group! It’s totally informal, it’s not fancy at all, and it’s really just a place where you can talk all things essential oils and ask any question you want! I joined a similar group about 10 months ago… maybe longer, I don’t know… and I spent a good LONG while asking questions and learning as much as I could about essential oils (and about Young Living) before I EVER took the plunge and bought an oil. You don’t have to buy ANYTHING or do anything in order to join the group! Click here to join! I’d LOVE to have you!

I also have a Pinterest board where I pin different uses for oils and different essential oil recipes. You can check it out here!

Want even MORE information?

Here are some great videos that can give you some more information about Young Living and the company and their oils – each is about 4-6 minutes long:

  1. Soil Preparation – the steps that are taken to prepare the soil for the aromatic plants that essential oils are extracted from.
  1. Growing the Plant – what it takes to grow a plant to produce the finest essential oil with the all of the essential oil constituents.
  1. The Distillery – the qualities of the Young Livings distillery equipment that helps to maintain the small molecular weight molecules to produce the highest quality essential oils.
  1. The Distillery Separator – every plant is distilled slightly different from each other in order to produce the highest quality essential oils.
  1. Lab Tests – the different analytical techniques used in determining purity and quality control. Gabriella is proud to certify Young Living Essential oils as pure, authentic and therapeutic. Young Living standard’s are the highest and strongest in the industry.

A few FAQs about purchasing Young Living Essential Oils: 

  • Why Should I become a Wholesale Member? Becoming an “Independent Distributor” awards you 24% off retail pricing! You also gain the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils (if you so choose… you do NOT have to in order to be a wholesale member). If not, you’ll still receive the 24% off discount and will be considered a “Wholesale Member,” similar to a COSTCO or Sam’s Club membership.
  • Is there a monthly order minimum? No! You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being an Independent Distributor/Wholesale Member. The ONLY requirement is to order $50 worth of oils in a year’s time. However, there is an autoship program (Essential Rewards – which is a $50/month minumum) that you have the option of participating in if you would like in order to earn more points on your orders and potentially more product. Which is really easy to do.
  • I don’t want to sell oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member? Of course not! While Young Living may use the term “Distributor,”  it’s only applicable if you choose to have a business (there is no requirement to having a business). Otherwise, as previously mentioned you’d be considered a “Wholesale Member” with the same 24% discount (Woohoo!). And since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply order whenever you want.  Either way, becoming a distributor/wholesale member is the most beneficial option for you and your pocketbook whether you have a business or not.
  • How do I join Young Living Oils? To begin as a Distributor/Wholesale Member you must enroll with a kit.  While there are several options to choose from, I personally recommend the Premium Starter Kit (that’s what I started with). The value for the price is really the best. It contains 10 of the most utilized and multifunctional oils offered PLUS a 5ml bottle of Stress Away PLUS a Home Diffuser and of course literature and samples. You can order by clicking here. Feel free to email me (molly [at] stillbeingmolly [dot] com) with any questions!

Now, are you interested in trying them out? Let me know! If this interests you… would you be interested in periodic (NOT weekly… we’re talking maybe monthly) blog posts on essential oils and how I use them and recipes and whatnot?

You can sign up to receive a starter kit here! Join the Facebook group to ask questions.

Also, if you are interested, I’m giving away to two lucky people a few samples of Young Living Essential oils! I’m giving away a sample of Lavender, Peace & Calming, and Peppermint to TWO of my readers! Enter below!

Young Living Essential Oils

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*This is not a sponsored post. I invested in the Premium Starter Kit with my own money and every oil I have purchased has been with my own money. I am sharing my experiences with y’all because I thought that enough of y’all would be interested to know a little bit more and y’all might be interested in trying essential oils out for yourselves! (Or, at least you might be interested in learning a little bit more in your own research you may be doing). Technically, yes, I am a “distributor” with Young Living, but that is only because I purchased the Premium Starter Kit to start out and I purchased it to get wholesale membership. All that means is I get a wholesale discount when I purchase oils. What does that mean for you? If you decide to try out Young Living for yourself, yes, I get a commission. BUT, I do not (at this time) have any desire to make “selling oils” my “job” or make a living off of this. I just genuinely love the company, the essential oils, and I wanted to share my experiences with you! If you sign up with Young Living as a “distributor” to get the wholesale pricing on oils, you too can share Young Living oils with your family and friends and make a commission as well. 
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