Essential Oils 101: What Are Essential Oils & How Are They Made?

November 4, 2014·

When I shared my post a few weeks ago about my experience with essential oils, I had NO IDEA how many of you would be so interested to learn more! I mean, SO many of y’all were emailing me and messaging me and commenting that you have been wanting to know more! Since so many people expressed such a huge interest in just getting some more information about essential oils and whatnot, I thought it might be good to do a little mini-blog series about essential oils.

So, that’s what this is! Over the next few weeks, every Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a little bit more of “Essential Oils 101”! Woop!

Young Living Essential Oils

Now, in the MEANTIME, there’s a couple things

  1. Join my Facebook group (if you haven’t already) – this is really the BEST place to ask questions and learn more on a day-t0-day basis about how to use essential oils in your everyday life
  2. NEXT TUESDAY, November 11th, at 9pm EST I (along with my friend Courtney) will be teaching an ONLINE Essential Oils 101 class! It will be a Google hangout. If you can’t join the class live, there WILL be a recorded version posted. BUT, we will be taking questions at the end AND I’ll be giving away a copy of the Essential Oils Pocket Reference guide. Exciting stuff, y’all. Join the event here!
  3. Remember, I spent a good six months researching essential oils before I EVER bought my first oil. And then I used them myself and on my family for five months before I EVER shared with anyone that I was using them… because I wanted to REALLY see what I thought about them and how they helped our family.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way. 

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way – *I am not a medical professional, and I can not treat, cure, prescribe, or diagnose you. This information is for educational purposes only. Always consult a doctor first. More than likely your doctor will not be trained in essential oils and will not know all the facts about them, so do your own research first. We are our own health advocates.* It’s really all about creating a community of women and men who support each other on the path to wellness using non-toxic and safe and natural approaches.

Young Living Essential Oils


What ARE Essential Oils?

People keep asking me, “So these “essential oils” – aren’t they just a fad?” Nope! Essential oils are definitely NOT a fad. They may be “new” to us, but they’re not new to… well, the world.

Essential oils have been used for THOUSANDS of years for a TON of applications. They date back to biblical times and 4500BC.

Essential oils are God given oils and work perfectly with the body. I really believe that God created plants on this earth and gave them the ability to distill oils for our use to support our bodies. Did you know that essential oils are in 70% of the books of the Bible and are mentioned quite frequently in the Bible?

Today, there are over 300 essential oils in use by professional practitioners – and EACH oil comes with its own centuries confirmed practical application.

Frankincense Young Living Essential Oil don’t worry – you definitely do not need to own 300 essential oils in order to benefit from them.

Each essential oil has a bunch of different protective properties which are basically the natural defense mechanism for the plant from which the oil comes from. They work the same way as blood does in our own bodies.

Essential oils have the unique ability to penetrate the cell membrane (getting really science-y here…) and transport oxygen and nutrients inside the cell, thus giving more support to the immune system. The oils can combat the damaging effect of toxins, yucky impurities, and harmful substances in AND around your body.

Essential oils are the HIGHLY concentrated, aromatic (aka: good smellin’) essences of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, resins, and flowers. Oils can be clear, amber, yellow, green, and even a dark blue in color and range from a very runny to almost solid consistency.

Now, on average, each essential oil has over 100 different “constituents” (little parts) with more being discovered every single day! And this changes from plant to plant… For example, ONE DROP of essential oil contains 40 million, TRILLION molecules that affect the body at the cellular level. Yeah, I’m not making that up.

For example, take lavender oil… you can grow the exact same type of lavender plant in Spain and one in your garden in your backyard… and while they’re still the same plant… they’ll actually have different properties. It’s all because the soil, climate, altitude, and environmental factors are different – and those things produce a very different oil with its own unique “constituents” and properties.

Young Living Essential Oils

How Are Essential Oils Made?

The KEY to producing therapeutic-grade (meaning, a level of quality oil that contains healing properties) is to preserve AS MANY of the super delicate compounds and parts within the essential oil as possible.

Making an essential oil takes a TON of work and, in some cases, a TON of plant material to make even just a little bit of oil.

For example, to make just ONE OUNCE of Rose Essential Oil, you need 60,000 roses. 60,000. That’s insane. It’s no wonder a high-quality essential oil can cost so much money.

Now, I will say this – I know that there are a bunch of “oil wars” these days – and I have ABSOLUTELY no intention in getting involved in ANY of that stuff… You have to be your own health advocate and do your own research and make the decision you feel is best for yourself and your family. After doing my own research, I just really felt like Young Living Essential Oils were the best on the market… Everything I’m talking about in this post (and future posts) is only talking about Young Living Essential Oils. I just can’t attest to the oils you can get elsewhere…

Why? What’s the real difference between Young Living Essential Oils and the oils you find online on Amazon or in your local health food stores?

Here’s just a little background about Young Living as a company…

Eucalyptus Globulus Young Living Essential Oil were founded in 1993 and they’re the oldest and most trusted essential oil company in the WORLD. They have 20+ years of research and experience! They are, LITERALLY, the only essential oil company with THEIR OWN farms and they have what’s called a “Seed to Seal” guarantee.

I love the whole idea of “knowing thy farmer” and knowing where your food comes from (where possible)… and for me it’s no different with essential oils. The “Seed to Seal” process is basically a promise that from the time the seed of the plant is sourced UNTIL the oil is sealed in the bottle, Young Living will apply the most crazy rigorous quality controls possible to make sure that you, me, we receive essential oils EXACTLY the way nature intended.

Young Living owns the supply chain throughout the ENTIRE lifecycle of the oil. Everything from making sure it’s the correct type of plant or see, make sure it’s grown in the right conditions (soil and climate), to how the plant is harvested and distilled and tested and blended and bottled and shipped… They complete EIGHT different tests on every. single. batch of oil that’s made.

Young Living is the world leader in producing and guaranteeing 100% PURE and potent, genuine, therapeutic grade essential oils. That means the healing properties are THERE. Their farms are open for visit and you can even go and be a part of the planting process, the harvesting and distillation process, etc… They don’t use ANY pesticides or chemicals and they actually HAND PICK the weeds. What?!!??!

Cray. Cray.

Just because a bottle of essential oil that you get at the health food store says “100% pure” on it – doesn’t mean it’s actually 100% pure. It is, more than likely, adulterated. It just has to have a few drops of oil in it to be labeled as such… Sure, it’s 100% oil, but that doesn’t mean that other things haven’t been added to it. If that makes sense…

Put it like this… sure, you can buy tomatoes in a can, right? Sure, they’re tomatoes. They’re made of tomatoes. But are canned tomatoes the same as a tomato you would pick from your own garden or get from a farmers market? No. Why? Because the canned tomatoes have other stuff added to them to preserve them, add flavor, whatever.

A whole, garden-grown tomato is always arguably going to be better than processed canned tomatoes. It’s the same way with essential oils.

I hope that makes sense!

Next week I’m going to talk all about how to USE essential oils! Get excited, y’all.

Now what questions do you have about part one of EOs 101? Share them in the comments below!


*This is not a sponsored post. I signed up as a wholesale member with Young Living and invested in the Premium Starter Kit with my own money and every oil I have purchased has been with my own money. I am sharing this information with y’all because SO many people emailed me with questions wanting to know more and I thought y’all might be interested in trying essential oils out for yourselves! (Or, at least you might be interested in learning a little bit more in your own research you may be doing). Technically, yes, I am a “distributor” with Young Living, but that is only because I purchased the Premium Starter Kit to start out and I purchased it to get wholesale membership. All that means is I get a wholesale discount when I purchase oils. What does that mean for you? If you decide to try out Young Living for yourself, yes, I get a commission. BUT, I do not (at this time) have any desire to make “selling oils” my “job” or make a living off of this. I just genuinely love the company, the essential oils, and I wanted to share my experiences with you! If you sign up with Young Living as a “wholesale member” to get the wholesale pricing on oils, you too can share Young Living oils with your family and friends and make a commission as well! It’s basically like any other referral program… 🙂 Questions about this? Let me know! I’m an open book! And don’t forget to join my Facebook group!

**HUGE special thanks goes out to The Oily Angels for helping me with some of the content and information for my Essential Oils 101 series! I am no expert, but the information they’ve helped me with has been sooo wonderful!

Young Living Essential Oils