Essential Oils and Oily Products I’ve Used Up

February 3, 2015·

The other day I was doing some cleaning and organizing and I was reminiscing about old times (and whatnot)… and you know how when you’re sometimes just doing mindless work your mind starts to drift and you get random ideas and you go from one thing to another in 2.5 milliseconds in you head? Well, I somehow ended up on the idea of shooting a video sharing with y’all some of my recent oily empties!

I did a beauty empties video back sometime last year and it was so fun… and now I thought it would be really fun to do a video showing you some of the recent essential oils and essential oils products I’ve used up! I LOVE watching these kinds of videos on YouTube, so I thought maybe you would find it interesting too!

What about you? Do you love these kinds of videos? Do you have any recent empties you’d like to share?

Also, today (Tuesday) I’m hosting another online class at 1:30pm EST … you can tune in here!

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