35 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

April 7, 2015·

As y’all know, I started using Young Living essential oils back in May of 2014… and since then, my family has been able to get rid of COUNTLESS toxins and chemicals in our home. In so many ways we’ve saved money, ditched the drug store, and replaced many, many items in our medicine and cleaning cabinets with natural, therapeutic essential oils, supplements, and cleaners.

Sharing with others what my family and I have experienced with Young Living has become something that I am so, so, SO passionate about. I get SO excited to talk about it with people! Anyway, one of the most common questions I get from people is, “Well, what exactly can you DO with the oils, etc.?” And the answer is, “SO MUCH. ALL OF THE THINGS.” 🙂

With that being said, I thought it might be fun to start really breaking it down for y’all and doing a series of posts on each individual oil (and then maybe supplements and other stuff down the road) sharing the various uses, properties, etc. for each one!

So, that’s what I’m doing here!

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Now, in week one, we’re going to talk all about the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils: LAVENDER!


Arabs and Romans used lavender for perfumes, burial rituals, bath houses, salves, balms, and cosmetics. It is rooted in the Latin word “lavare,” meaning “to wash.”**


TOPICAL: You can apply it topically directly on the specific location of need or via the Vita-Flex points. It is an extremely gentle oil so you can use it undiluted! However, I would dilute it with a carrier oil on children under the age of one.

FOR SAFETY: Never apply essential oils IN the eyes or ear canals! If you get an oil in your eye or in your ear, DO NOT use water, use a fatty carrier oil to dilute it and get it out. It won’t kill you or permanently blind you or anything… but it will burn.

AROMATIC: You can also diffuse it… I love to diffuse lavender during naptime (for my daughter Lilly) or at night to promote a restful sleep. 🙂

DIETARY: You can also ingest Young Living’s lavender***. I love to put it in a capsule to help ease those seasonal sniffles.

DIY All-Natural, All-Purpose, Non-Toxic Beauty Scrub for Hands, Lips, Face, and Body using Young Living Essential Oils || http://bit.ly/MollyYLEO35 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

(and this is not an end-all be-all list… there are literally THOUSANDS of uses… these are just some of my favorites!):

  1. Apply directly to minor burns to soothe and support healing
  2. Apply to minor cuts and scrapes to soothe and support healing
  3. May help stop itching and irritation from insect bites or stings
  4. May reduce inflammation and irritation from rashes
  5. May cleanse and soothe acne
  6. Apply to cold sores to sooth and support healing
  7. Use in a vegetable capsule, a teaspoon of honey, or swipe directly around the nose or on the inside of the cheek to support healthy lung function
  8. Use in a vegetable capsule, a teaspoon of honey, or swipe directly around the nose or on the inside of the cheek to support healthy sinus function
  9. Use in a vegetable capsule, a teaspoon of honey, or swipe directly around the nose or on the inside of the cheek to ease those seasonal sniffles (especially this time of year with ALL of the pollen)
  10. Use in a vegetable capsule, a teaspoon of honey, or swipe directly around the nose or on the inside of the cheek to support healthy immune system function
  11. Use in an epsom salt bath to promote relaxation
  12. Diffuse or apply topically to promote a restful sleep
  13. Massage onto the abdomen for help with menstrual discomfort
  14. Apply AROUND the ears to ease swimmers / divers ear or other ear aches
  15. Can be used in a natural body scrub
  16. Place a drop on temples / back of neck / behind ears to ease head and neck tension
  17. Use with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage oil
  18. Put a put drops in water for a natural first aid spray
  19. Can be used in part for a natural shampoo / conditioner recipe
  20. Add ONE drop to your tube of mascara to promote healthy lash growth and prevent clumping
  21. Add 10 drops to 1 part castille soap to 10 parts water for a great DIY foaming lavender hand soap
  22. Massage onto feet with a carrier oil prior to putting on your cutest high heels to ease pain associated with wearing those stilettos too long
  23. Apply a few drops to cream cheese for a DELICIOUS lavender fruit dip
  24. May be used to support normal blood pressure
  25. May be used to support normal cholesterol levels
  26. Apply one drop (with a finger) on the inside of a baby’s mouth to ease thrush (nurse immediately after to remove the taste)
  27. Mix with coconut oil to prevent stretch marks
  28. Apply one drop diluted to the bridge of the nose and on the bone surrounding the eye (being VERY CAREFUL to avoid the eye) to support healthy eye function and ease discomfort from clogged tear ducts, pink eye or styes.
  29. Apply to the vita-flex points to support normal body temperature
  30. Apply to the abdomen to ease stomach discomfort
  31. Apply to the outside of the throat to ease scratchy throats
  32. May be used in a homemade ointment to ease itchy, dry skin patches
  33. May be applied to the hair to promote healthy, full hair growth
  34. Can be used in part on a recipe to clean mattresses
  35. Can be used in recipes to prevent bed bugs

So there you have it! 35 AWESOME uses for lavender!

Lavender is one of the “Everyday Oils” that comes in the Premium Starter Kit when you sign up as a wholesale member with Young Living. If you are interested in getting started, you can do so here!

What is YOUR favorite way to use Lavender?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA… this is all meant for informational purposes only! None of this information is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**My sources are the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide, Desk Reference Guide, Essential Oils Starter Guide, as well as other published information.

***I do not recommend ingesting any essential oil brand other than Young Living essential oils due to their therapeutic properties and farming practices. 

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