30 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

April 21, 2015·

Ah, lemon. One sniff of lemon essential oil seriously can totally turn my day around. It’s such a light, happy, scent… it’s also one of my MOST USED essential oils… by FAR. I go through lemon like crazy. And that’s because it’s such a great oil to use for SO many things on a daily basis. Lemon is DEFINITELY an oil I never leave home without. So, today, I’m gonna share some of MY favorite ways to use lemon essential oil.


Lemon oil has been used for centuries to lower acidity in the body. In the 1790s it was given to sailors in the Royal Navy to eliminate vitamin deficiency and scurvy.

Cool facts

  • Lemon oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit, not the pulpy, acidic juice. As y’all know, the antioxidants and vitamins are in the rind of the fruit, so lemon oil is chock FULL of them.
  • It takes 3,000(!!!) lemons to make one kilo of lemon essential oil. Crazy, right?


Topical: Dilute 1 drop of lemon oil with about 1 drop of carrier oil (or 50/50) on the desired location.

Aromatic: Inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse. I love to diffuse lemon with peppermint!

Dietary***: Put 2 drops in a capsule up to 3 times daily or add 1-2 drops to a glass of water or cup of tea. I also love to add to a teaspoon of honey.

Safety / Precautions:

  • As with all oils, NEVER get an oil in your ears or in your eyes. If you do, do NOT use water to get it out… simply apply a carrier oil to dilute the oil.
  • ALL citrus oils are photosensitive. So, please avoid sunlight for at least 12 hours after applying lemon oil TOPICALLY. You can always apply lemon oil to a part of the body that doesn’t get any sun (ex. bottoms of feet).
  • Only use citrus oils in stainless steel or glass containers as the oil will eat away at the petrochemicals in plastic and styrofoam.

30 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Add a drop to drinking water (glass or stainless steel only) to assist with water retention
  2. Add a drop to drinking water to support appetite suppression
  3. Effectively supports digestive function (especially of the gallbladder); so much that it sometimes proves to be as effective as stone-breaking chanca piedra pills for the kidney stones.
  4. Use in an epsom salt bath to accelerate detoxing
  5. Use in an epsom salt bath or inhale directly to refresh the body and/or mind
  6. Diffuse (especially along with peppermint) during testing or homework to improve mental acuity and concentration
  7. It’s the BEST natural goo-be-gone!! It will help easily remove sticky residue from anything! (I always do a spot test first…)
  8. Aids in removing stains! Apply one drop to a stain and wash immediately after.
  9. Add to a spray bottle with witch hazel and distilled water and spray onto damp hair for a pre-styling hair spritz
  10. In a spray bottle with white vinegar and water, add about 10 drops of lemon for a great bathroom and kitchen surface cleaner
  11. Can be used in homemade dishwasher and dish detergents
  12. Can also be used in homemade laundry detergents
  13. Along with vinegar, water, and baking soda, add lemon essential oil for a great fruit and vegetable soak or spray
  14. Removes crayon marks from walls, floors, tables, etc.
  15. Add a drop to facial cleanser to brighten complexion
  16. Massage onto the skin with a carrier oil to support improved circulation
  17. Add a drop to water throughout the day to support detoxification and improved skin
  18. Add a drop to remove paint from hands
  19. Use (especially along with lavender and peppermint) to ease those seasonal sniffles and runny noses
  20. Combine with baking soda for an excellent tile and grout scrub
  21. Can be used along with 1/2 ounce of neutral spirits for a ring and jewelry cleaner (if you have softer stones, I’d stay away from this method)
  22. Apply one drop with sunflower oil on nails and cuticles to soften and strengthen
  23. Can be used to combat acne (again, photosensitive so avoid direct sunlight if applying)
  24. May ease symptoms from urinary tract infections
  25. May ease occasional stress and anxiety
  26. May reduce the appearance of varicose veins when used in a DIY massage oil
  27. May support a healthy immune system
  28. May reduce inflammation
  29. Helps to support positive emotional and spiritual attitudes
  30. Supports a healthy metabolism when taken daily

So there you have it! 30 AWESOME uses for lemon!

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What is YOUR favorite way to use lemon?


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA… this is all meant for informational purposes only! None of this information is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**My sources are the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide, Desk Reference Guide, Essential Oils Starter Guide, as well as other published information.

***I do not recommend ingesting any essential oil brand other than Young Living essential oils due to their therapeutic properties and farming practices. 

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