July Young Living Essential Rewards Unboxing

July 21, 2015·

How many of you have heard of Periscope? Periscope is a SUPER fun new “LIVE BROADCASTING” app that is owned by Twitter and it’s SO much fun! I decided to do things a little differently this month with my monthly Essential Rewards unboxing… Instead of doing the fancy set up in my room with my camera and all that jazz, I wanted to unbox my order LIVE on Periscope!

It was so much fun to do – I then uploaded it to YouTube for those of y’all who watch my videos there… so that’s why things look a little differently (and partially why I look a little rough… I literally just got back from the store doing some grocery shopping and I was sans makeup and very sweaty. Haha!).

If you’re on Periscope, be sure to follow me! I’m on there as @stillbeingmolly!

Anyway, check out this month’s unboxing of my essential rewards order!


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