DIY Organic Lip Balm / Chap Stick with Essential Oils (Beeswax & Vaseline Free!) (3)


  1. I love this because I for once, didn’t have a reaction to something I put on my lips! Yay! It IS a bit waxy for me though… I think I need to try tweaking the ratio of oil to wax so that it doesn’t leave such a waxy film on my lips, and goes on a little easier. But I’m really excited that I don’t have itchy red bumps all around my lips for once! Thank you!!

  2. Hi,
    I’m planning to try your recipe as I want to make a vegan version of lip balm for my daughters, but from what I’m reading about carnuba wax, it has a high melting point. Is it ok to add coconut oil and shea butter to it at that temp?

      1. Thank you! I hear if you mix it with grapefruit and bergamot it smells similar to Clinique Happy! It’s on my wish list : )

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