DIY Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Spritz

January 5, 2016·

One thing I have loved about this pregnancy is my hair has actually been looking pretty healthy and pretty shiny. My favorite brush has really improved the overall texture of my hair, but I have been noticing that the ends of my hair are drying out and breaking this time of year. The colder weather really can take a toll on my hair ends! I also haven’t had a hair cut since I chopped it off last spring… so, any TLC I can give my hair, I’m game.

I’ve been wanting to make an Argan Oil hair serum like the one my friend Tracey made, but I actually wanted something that would be a tad lighter on my hair and something I could easily spray on after a shower. So, I played around and came up with this Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Spritz recipe and I really love it!

It’s so nourishing for your hair and the essential oils I added make it smell amazing, but also support healthy hair growth and shine!

I hope you give it a try. 🙂

DIY Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Spritz (2)

DIY Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Spritz

Here’s what you’ll need:

About Lavender essential oil:

Lavender is the most versatile essential oil and is often use to support the skin. Its refreshing relaxing scent has balancing properties that may calm the mind and body or boost energy and stamina. (source)

About Geranium essential oil:

Geranium essential oil has an uplifting, floral aroma. Diffuse its balancing, peaceful, and calming aroma or apply it topically to help maintain the appearance of tender skin. Geranium includes the naturally occurring constituents citronellol and geraniol, and is an important ingredient in many skin care products, including ART® Creme Masque, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™, and Animal Scents™ Ointment, as well as Acceptance™, Awaken™, Believe™, and Clarity™ essential oils blends. (source)

About Bergamot essential oil:

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) has the fresh, sweet, citrus scent that is familiar to many as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea. Uplifting and relaxing, it is good for building confidence and enhancing your mood. It has a long history of use for oily and troubled skin. (source)

DIY Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Spritz (3)


Fill up your spray bottle of choice just about halfway with the rosewater. Add in your drops of essential oils and then fill the rest with the 100% argan oil. The oil and water will separate, so you will need to give it a good shake before each use! 🙂

Spray on wet hair before styling. I prefer to spray this on the ends of my hair away from the roots to keep my hair from looking greasy or oily. I don’t necessarily use this daily, unless my hair has been exceptionally dry. I like to use it about 1-2x a week to give my hair a boost of conditioning.

The bergamot and geranium help to promote a healthy shine and healthy scalp while the lavender works to strengthen the hair and support healthy hair growth. Also, the combination smells AMAZING.

I hope you give this DIY a try! Let me know if you do and what you think in the comments!

Have you made your own Argan oil serum or spray? 

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