DIY “Boo Boo Be Gone” Spray

April 5, 2016·

The weather is North Carolina is gorrrrgeous now and we are outside ALL the time. And, with a very rambunctious and active and adventurous and no fear toddler… we end up with a lot of bumps and scrapes and bruises. So, needless to say, I’m constantly kissing boo boos.

I recently made this “boo boo spray” and it’s come in so handy. I carry it with me in my diaper bag and pull it out whenever the need arises.

I hope you give this a try!

DIY "Boo Boo Be Gone" Spray

DIY “Boo Boo Be Gone” Spray



First fill your glass spray bottle about 1/4 of the way full with witch hazel, then add in your essential oils, then lastly, fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Shake well and use on boo boo’s as needed!

What about you? Will you give this a try? Do you have a boo boo spray recipe?

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