DIY Post-Bath Calming Baby Massage Oil

April 12, 2016·

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is for informational purposes ONLY and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed physician, nurse, nurse midwife, or licensed aromatherapist. 

I always, always, always say to use common sense when using oils. The difference is all about quality (which is why I ONLY use Young Living because I know the quality of what I’m using) and using the oils in the appropriate manner for which they are intended.

You guys know that I am a big fan of making my own bath, beauty, and baby products. I love being able to DIY to not only save money, but also know exactly what is going into the stuff that I am putting on me and my family.

One thing that is great for bonding with your new baby is giving baby a nice, calming infant massage. There are so many benefits to infant massage… it encourages interaction and bonding, helps baby relax and sleep, reduces crying, and positively affects the infant hormones that create stress.

I make my own baby “lotion” body butter for when Amos’s skin is in need of some extra love and care, but sometimes I like to just use a nice, light baby oil when giving him an infant massage.

A lot of the store bought, name-brand baby oils have artificial fragrances and other ingredients that just aren’t necessary. So, I wanted to try to make my own! This baby oil smells great, helps to calm and soothe Amos, and is super quick and easy to make.

Added bonus? It’s GREAT for mom, dad, and older kids to use, too! I remember my mom used baby oil after she took a shower for years! So, it’s not JUST for babies!

I hope you give it a try!

DIY Post-Bath Calming Baby Massage Oil

DIY Post-Bath Calming Baby Massage OilIngredients:


In your glass dropper bottle, add in your essential oils. Then, fill the rest with your carrier oil of choice (I prefer Grapeseed oil because of its low comedogenic rating). Shake well to mix everything together. 

Then, after giving your sweet baby a warm bath, I add a like to add a little bit to the palms of my hands and give baby a nice massage. This is a great way to help soothe and calm baby and it also helps to keep the moisture in baby’s skin. I love applying right before bedtime!

*Special Note – I, personally, would wait until baby is at least one-two weeks old before using this… simply because you don’t want to overload baby’s skin with a lot the first few weeks as they often have newborn rash and other skin things going on right after birth. 

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