20 of My Favorite Essential Oil Supplies and Accessories

August 16, 2016·

Y’all are well aware by now of how much I love making a lot of my own DIY home, health, beauty, baby, and beauty products with my essential oils! I have a TON of recipes on this blog already and Lord knows I will continue to share more as I try things out and tweak recipes. BUT, one of the most common questions I get when readers email me and ask about starting to use oils and DIY their own products is, “Well, what accessories and supplies do I need to get started using oils and making stuff?”

So, I thought it would be helpful if I shared some of my favorite essential oils supplies and accessories! Now, this is certainly not an end all be all list, but it’s a start! AND, also, don’t think that you need ALL OF THESE THINGS in order to use your oils or make stuff. Not the case at all – you can totally use a lot of what you already have in your own home to make things and use oils. Don’t let this overwhelm you… this is two and a half years of my own personal experiences with oils that have helped to form this list.

Anyway! I hope y’all find this helpful and I’d love to know what supplies and accessories YOU would add to the list!

20 of My Favorite Essential Oils Supplies and Accessories

Carrier Oils & Butters

Carrier oils are ESSENTIAL for making your own oily blends, diluting oils, or even in a lot of DIY products!

Fractionated Coconut Oil – this is the “liquid” version of solid coconut oil and is great for DIY sun sprays, lotions, body wash, etc.


Grapeseed Oil (low comedogenic rating) – my personal favorite carrier oil!


Shea Butter – KEY ingredient in body butters and lotions!


Organic Coconut Oil – this stuff is a STAPLE in my house! We use it for everything! This particular bottle is huge and lasts forever. Such a better value than what you buy in the stores.


Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Roller bottles are essential for making your own blends and kid-safe oils!

12-pack of Blue Bottles


8-pack of multi-colored bottles – these are my personal favorites 🙂


Essential Oil Bottle Labels


Glass and Aluminum Spray Bottles

Especially important if you’re using any citrus oils as citrus oils will eat through plastic… so you want to make sure you use glass or aluminum!

4oz. spray bottles (great for DIY hair products, toner, beauty, etc.)

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16oz. spray bottles (great for DIY cleaning products)


Glass Dropper Bottles for DIY Serums, etc.


Aluminum Finish Spray Bottles (great for room sprays, etc.)


Empty Glass Perfume Spray Bottles (great for DIY body mists, DIY perfume, gifts, etc)


Various and Sundry Empty Containers for DIY Products

Empty Lip Balm Tubes


Empty Deodorant Containers for DIY Sunscreens or DIY Deodorant


Glass Mason Jars for DIY Lotions, Creams, Bath Salts, etc.


Wool Dryer Balls Check out my post on why I love wool dryer balls!


Essential Oil Diffuser

I have FIVE of Young Living’s essential oil diffusers. Honestly they stand up WAY better than any of the ones I have purchased on Amazon.


Diffuser Jewelry

Scared Arrow Jewelry is pretty much my favorite place to shop for diffuser jewelry for myself and my kids!



Essential Oil Wall Rack for Storage


Essential Oil Travel Case


What do you think? Which item(s) were your favorite? Any you’d add?

Questions? Let me know!

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