Business with Purpose Celebrates 300 Episodes!

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June 1, 2022·

Business with Purpose Celebrates 300 Episodes!

Business with Purpose Celebrates 300 Episodes!

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Oh my goodness, it’s EPISODE 300!!! I can’t believe we have made it to 300 episodes! Normally, each week I sit down with an incredible entrepreneur, business owner, community leader, activist, author or speaker, and I find out their story and how they are using their gifts to change the world. 

But today is a big deal. I started this podcast in summer 2016, nearly six years ago. I never believed I would have made it this far. In honor of episode 300, I am answering listener questions, my husband joins as a special guest, we go over the top 10 most popular episodes and we honor a previous guest who has passed away.

5:42 – Question about ethical fashion

  • Natasha asks: “When I was first learning about ethical fashion and what it means at the ripe age of 29 … I was telling my stepmom of its importance and how most garment workers aren’t paid a living wage from fast fashion companies. I mentioned I was going to stop shopping at those companies, and she said to me, ‘But don’t those people needs jobs, too?’ I was a bit flabbergasted and to this day don’t have a one sentence response. How would you answer that?”

9:52 – Two unaired episodes

  • Mary asks: “Have you ever not aired a conversation?”
  • Yes, there are two episodes that have never aired, and I explain why in the podcast.

13:16 – Coolest experience

  • Carly asks: “What’s one of the coolest things you’ve been able to do because of this podcast?”

14:55 – Favorite Australian food

  • Sarah Ann asks: “What is your favorite Australian food?”
  • Shout out to Sarah Ann, because she is one of the most encouraging listeners and even sent me a care package.

16:46 – Message from Sarah Ann

  • “Thank you, Molly, for letting us into your family life and being the big sister that I never had.”

17:19 – Thank you, MamaSuds

  • MamaSuds has been a wonderful partner to work with. If you’ve listened to this show, you know how much I love MamaSuds.

19:01 – Welcome, John!

  • My husband John joins us for this part of the podcast, and he is my most requested guest.

23:25 – What does John love most about my job?

  • Christy asks John: “What do you love most about Molly’s job or what she does for a living?”
  • John shares a funny story about jury duty and how he panicked when asked about my job.

26:10 – Favorite part of homesteading

  • Cheryl Dunn asks: “What is your favorite part of homesteading?”
  • Survival is not the answer, but there is a lot that we love. 

27:51 – How to get finances in order

  • Maria J. asks: “I know your husband is a financial advisor … I feel really overwhelmed with where to start with getting my overall finances in order. Where do I begin? Financial Peace? Total Money Makeover? Or should I just look somewhere else?

29:54 – John’s favorite interviews

  • Kelly R. asks John: “Do you have an interview that Molly has done that sticks out to you as one of your personal favorites?”

31:31 – Best marriage advice

  • Bethany M. asks: “What is the best piece of marriage advice that someone has given you? And what is the best piece of marriage advice you would give someone else?”
  • John doesn’t think people give good marriage advice.

32:57 – How is Molly different?

  • Tara L. asks: “How is Molly the most different today than when you first married her?

34:35 – Honoring a former guest

  • Eric Erdman was a guest in April 2020 on episode 191 and passed away a few months later. He had cancer and started an organization called Give a Child a Voice. 

35:45 – Top 10 most popular episodes


I am just overwhelmed right now, thinking about this episode and what it means. – Molly

My goal each and every week is to just serve you with this show and to encourage you. – Molly

I like knowing how to butcher chickens. Two years ago, I didn’t know how to butcher a chicken. – John

Know what you’re spending and know how much you’re bringing in. Spend a couple months just tracking your expenses. – John

I feel like people don’t necessarily give great marriage advice. – John

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