EP 18: Carrie Grace McQuaid – The Kindness Box

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January 11, 2017·

In this episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, I am sitting down with the sweet Carrie Grace McQuaid (best known online as Carrie Grace), spreader of joy and kindness and founder of The Kindness Box. We talk about everything from how kindness can truly change the world to the things that have had the biggest impact on our lives to the challenges we face every day. You are going to be inspired by Carrie’s story and her heart!

About Carrie:

Carrie Grace lives in Durham, NC where she runs The Kindness Box, a monthly subscription full of joy delivered straight to your doorstep. She also helps women grow their social media accounts to be more profitable. She believes that kindness will never go out of style and the world could always use more of it. She loves the color pink, cotton candy, and is a huge Taylor Swift fan. You can find her passing balloons out to strangers, sending out weekly pep talks, and finding reasons to celebrate life.

Connect with Carrie online:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thekindnessbox/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carriegraceshop/
Website: http://www.thekindnessbox.com/

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