EP. 22: Taylor Thompson – Day22 Boutique + A Kind Journey

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February 8, 2017·

EP. 22: Taylor Thompson - Day22 Boutique + A Kind Journey

On this episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, I am sitting down with Taylor Thompson, founder of Day22 Boutique and A Kind Journey. Taylor has an amazing passion and heart for ethical fashion and making the world a better place. She’s incredibly driven (she even created her own major in college!!), she’s hardworking, and she’s gonna take over the world… I just know it! You will love Taylor!

About Taylor:

Taylor Thompson is a Midwest girl with a global heart. She is the multi-passionate co-founder behind The Kind Brands. The Kind Brands is a business collective that includes an online ethical fashion + lifestyle boutique, day22boutique.com, and a kind lifestyle + business brand that empowers + inspires people to live a beautiful + kind life, akindjourney.com.

Prior to starting The Kind Brands with her mother and grandmother, Taylor spent 2 years in corporate America, feeling unfulfilled and lost. She knew there was something more for her so she took the leap into entrepreneurship. She found all she was looking for and began living her true purpose and passions.

Now, Taylor enjoys helping high-vibed, eco + wellness conscious, and spiritually-minded people find their power and ditch their limiting beliefs so they can start living a life they love. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach + a ‘make it happen’ girl, Taylor’s purpose is to help people reach their highest potential, find their happiness, and live a beautiful + meaningful life. 

In her free time Taylor loves connecting with people, watching movies, golfing, traveling, reading blogs, going to the farmer’s market, taking walks in nature, and trying out new farm to table restaurants.

Connect with Taylor online:

Website: https://day22boutique.com/
acebook: https://www.facebook.com/day22boutique
nstagram: https://www.instagram.com/day22boutique/
nstagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamtaylorlayne/

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