EP. 27: Cayley Pater – Darzah

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March 15, 2017·

On this episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, I wanted to bring my friend Cayley Pater back to the show to talk about Darzah, an ethical fashion brand that is an off-shoot of Child’s Cup Full (which I’ve told you guys a lot about!) Darzah employs women artisans in the West Bank and their products are beautiful! I loved hearing the story of Darzah and I know you will, too!

To listen with my episode with Cayley Pater talking about Child’s Cup Full, listen here: http://www.stillbeingmolly.com/podcast/cayley-pater-childs-cup-full/

Cayley Pater is the Assistant Director of Darzah, based in Portland, OR. She oversees all US operations for both the Darzah and Child’s Cup Full fair trade brands, including brand and marketing strategies, business development, and manufacturing operations for their non-profit women’s empowerment initiative in the West Bank. Cayley’s background is in market research and international development.

About Darzah:

Darzah is a collection of fair trade, Palestinian “tatreez” embroidered products, hand-stitched by talented refugee and low-income women artists in the West Bank. Tatreez embroidery is a centuries-old Palestinian art form, traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. Our mission is twofold: 1) create economic opportunities for women artisans, their families and their communities, and 2) celebrate tatreez embroidery and Palestinian cultural heritage.

Darzah is an project of Child’s Cup Full, a non-profit women’s economic empowerment initiative based in Zababdeh, a village located in the northern West Bank. We are fair trade certified by Fair Trade Federation, which means we are committed to paying fair wages to our employees, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, and supporting marginalized communities. In 2015, unemployment rates for young women in the West Bank were as high as 63%. We aim to provide training and job opportunities for some of the most marginalized individuals in the northern region specifically, where poverty rates are especially high.

Connect with Darzah online:

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