EP. 28: Liz Bohannon, Founder of Sseko Designs

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March 22, 2017·

On this episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, I am HONORED to be chatting with Liz Forkin Bohannon, founder of Sseko Designs. I have admired Sseko and Liz for years and love what they are doing to change the landscape of the ethical fashion world. We talk about everything from our personal hopes and dreams to what it looks like to make a lasting impact to Sseko’s time on Shark Tank, and so much more. We could have seriously talked all day! This is one of my favorite episodes to date and I know it will be for you, too!

About Liz:

Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs. Sseko is an ethical fashion brand that works to educate and empower women. By providing employment and educational opportunities, Sseko enables women to continue their education and become leaders in their country. In four years, Sseko has grown from three women making sandals together under a mango tree, to an international fashion brand that provides employment, educational opportunities and entrepreneurial training to over 50 women in East Africa.

Using her unlikely story of a journalist-gone-shoe-maker, Liz shares her passion for social enterprise, conscious consumerism, social justice, creative leadership, gender equity, risk-taking, and empowering women. She believes deeply that business is a powerful platform for social change and that girls are our future.

She now splits her time between Uganda and Portland, Oregon, where she and her husband Ben run Sseko Designs.

Connect with Liz & Sseko Designs:


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