EP 36: Cullen Schwarz, co-founder of DoneGood

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May 17, 2017·

On this week’s episode of the Business with Purpose podcast, my guest is Cullen Schwarz, the co-founder of DoneGood – an app for your phone and browser extension for your computer that makes shopping *ethically* online SO MUCH EASIER. Cullen had such an awesome story of sharing his passion for ethical fashion, fair trade goods, and supporting businesses that are doing things right. He is really smart, super hilarious, and very insightful. You will love him and love this episode!!

Connect with DoneGood:

About Cullen:

Co-Founder & Chief of Good Thoughts for DoneGood, Cullen is a recovering political staffer who turned to entrepreneurship to avoid wearing suits every day. He was a philosophy major and still lives by the teachings of Camus, de Beauvoir and The Dude. Cullen is passionate about people using their dollars to create change and galvanizing the business-as-a-force-for-good movement. He is the former Press Secretary and spokesman for U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack; Communications Director for Members of Congress and multiple high-profile political campaigns; producer of award-winning TV ads and a former grassroots organizer. Cullen has spent his career building campaigns, organizations, and messaging that helps turn people’s beliefs into action; doing the same at DoneGood. Originally from Michigan, Cullen is a long-time Detroit Lions fan–which has provided ample training for remaining positive even in the most disappointing of circumstances. When he retires, he plans to “move to the jungle to write books.”

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