You guys, do you need an idea for what to make for dinner tonight and are you looking for some food inspiration? Just curious to see the recipes I’ve made / shared previously? I got you covered. This page is a (relatively) comprehensive look at the recipes and meals I’ve put together (or attempted to).

Each photo is clickable and will direct you to its original blog post!


RECIPE: Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Pasta Casserole

RECIPE: Easy After Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Leftover Turkey Chili

RECIPE: Italian Sausage & Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Shells


RECIPE: Easy & Delicious Mexican Lasagna - can be made with ANY type of meat!

RECIPE: Easy Shrimp and Italian Sausage Jambalaya

RECIPE: Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

RECIPE: Healthy Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes

RECIPE: Delicious "Breakfast After Dark" Breakfast Pizza using I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

RECIPE: Easy Creamy Orzo Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli Dinner

[RECIPE] Easy + Delicious Breakfast Casserole

still being molly: super easy and delicious breakfast casserole


THE Tortilla Factory Salsa Recipe - Best Salsa Recipe. EVER.

[Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf You’ll Actually Love!]

RECIPE: Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf you'll ACTUALLY love!

[Carolina Cowboy Casserole]

[molly’s homemade salsa and salsa turkey burgers]

[arroz con pollo – molly’s signature!]

[rustic rub (good for chicken, shrimp, steak, pizza, anything!)]

[cinnamon and brown sugar breakfast muffins]

[rustic rubbed chicken and banana pepper pizza (with homemade pizza sauce!)]

[st. patrick’s day boiled corned beef with carrots and potatoes]

[irish soda bread with raisins]

[english muffin bread]

[easy shrimp, chicken, and vegetable stir-fry!]