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The privacy of those who visit this web site is of primary concern to me. I automatically gather some data from everyone who visits this site via Google Analytics. None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and or affiliates. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever sell your information. Never.

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I work REALLY hard on this blog (it is my job, after all!) I love writing, I love coming up with ideas, and I love creating the content for this little blog of mine. And I feel blessed that I’m able to make money to help support my family and compensate me for the time I put into it.

So, this blog does contain some paid advertising, sponsored posts, and some affiliate links. This means that sometimes, if you make a purchase via a link I have found and I share, I could make a commission.

Also, sometimes companies want to send me something to review in exchange for my opinion and, most likely, an awkward photo of me with the aforementioned product. Those items will be marked with a “c/o” aka: courtesy of. I promise, that no matter what, anything I share on this blog is 100% authentic and honest. I will even tell you if I hate something. Seriously, I will. Boom.

I will never… ever… ever… EVER review something or tell you about something JUST for the sake of a dollar. I won’t do it. I promise. You have my word.

Commenting Policy
still being [molly] is an open and welcoming blog. I LOVE reading your comments – they aren’t just appreciated, they’re encouraged. However, there are some cases where I will remove a comment. Comments that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, hateful, and downright nasty will be removed. Please refrain from using ANY profanity in your comments – I don’t use profanity here and neither should you. It’s just not necessary. While I love constructive criticism and differing opinions, any comments that attack me, my family, friends, personal beliefs, or personal appearance will be deleted. Because that just ain’t right.

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