How to See Value In Others & In Ourselves | Business with Purpose Podcast EP 266: Emily Bernath

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October 6, 2021·

How to See Value In Others & In Ourselves | Business with Purpose Podcast EP 266: Emily Bernath

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How to See Value In Others & In Ourselves | Business with Purpose Podcast EP 266: Emily Bernath

My guest this week is Emily Bernath, a rape survivor, sexual assault victim advocate, author and speaker. She just released her newest book, Broken Lenses Volume 2: Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division.

She has spoken to hundreds of people belonging to various faiths, age groups, and nations, and has taken the message of her first book, Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies, to book stores across the nation.

Emily has a passion for reaching out to women and guiding them to living out an identity rooted in truth. After being a rape survivor, Emily found her life quickly turn away from having everything she thought she wanted and towards feelings of both hopelessness and worthlessness. 

It was during that time, and being open about her experience, that it became apparent to her just how many other people experience those same feelings and so easily allow things that aren’t true about them define them.

3:59 – Emily 101

  • Emily never dreamed of being an author, but it was something God placed on her path. 
  • She struggled with reading as a child and hated reading. She preferred chemistry and math in school and liked the challenge. 

7:06 – Turning to God

  • Emily grew up in church but never had a deeper meaning to her life. She lived the typical college party life. 
  • She was raped at the end of her second year of college. Emily was angry, turned to God and said, “What the heck?” 

12:30 – Lies she told herself

  • One of the biggest lies Emily told herself was that her body was tainted by the rape. 
  • She felt worthless, taken advantage of and not like herself anymore. She wanted God to show her how her body was still a temple. 

18:00 – Seeing people as God sees us

  • When we see others as God sees us, it unites us. When we see people as the world sees us, it can tear people apart. 

21:15 – Seek to understand

  • When people share polarized opinions, they shut themselves off to listening and learning. 
  • Seek to understand, not be understood.

23:43 – Listen to survivors

  • Abuse of any kind has a spiritual impact. 
  • Faith means complete trust in God, but a lot of abuse is caused by someone you trust. 

29:22 – Seasons of healing

  • Emily’s healing journey was a multi-step process. She’s still finding freedom in new areas. 
  • Sharing her story in writing was an act of surrender, because now anyone can read what happened to her. 
  • She has gone through seasons of healing. 

32:57 – Advice for assault survivors

  • You are worth being helped. You’re not a burden. 
  • Don’t assume that people won’t help you. There are so many resources out there.

36:25 – Get to know you

  • Guilty pleasure? Chicken wings
  • What she’d do differently if no one judged her? Nothing. Maybe shave her head.


Once I was able to see myself for the truth and for how God sees me, the enemy has no power over that. 

You just can’t overcome God’s truth. 

The truth will set you free. And that’s really what I want for people is to be free from the lies and the condemnation of this world, and there’s a lot of it. 



Emily Bernath, a rape survivor, is a sexual assault victim advocate, author, and speaker.

Her first published book was Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truths in a World of Lies (Morgan James Publishing, 2019). Bernath’s newest book is Broken Lenses, Volume 2: Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division (Morgan James Publishing, June, 2021).

Bernath, who completed a 40-hour Sexual Assault Counselor Training course provided by UCASA, serves as an active board member with the non-profit, Reveal to Heal International. She offers support, counseling, and advocacy for sexual assault victims. She has participated in, and spoken at, numerous events and fundraisers in support of such victims with The Rape Recovery Center and The Walk of No Shame.

She attends a non-denominational church, K2 the Church, and has a passion for reaching out to women and guiding them to living out an identity rooted in truth. She has spoken to and shared this passion with hundreds of people belonging to various faiths. She serves as a mentor to the next generation in youth ministry and speaks at numerous events in the Salt Lake Valley. She has also shared her passions through humanitarian work in eSwatini, Africa.

Bernath earned her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business, in 2016. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Toledo in 2014.

She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, please consult:


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