Excuse Me, While I "POP" Away.

December 27, 2008·

In honor of this year’s I have decided to re-post an old post! YAY!


Bubble wrap. American’s have a fascination, nay, infatuation, with this cheap, plastic packaging material. However, I don’t think that as we are experiencing the cathartic process that is popping those wonderful bubble, we realize how silly the whole idea REALLY is.

(For me, personally, I adore a good bubble wrap popping sesh. I mean, who DOESN’T? BUT, it’s time to face the facts, people.)

1. It’s plastic. SURE, plastic makes it possible. But was this protective product originally meant to serve as an all purpose fun tool? I don’t think so. I don’t think the creator of bubble wrap said, “You know, I bet this stuff will provide parents with yet another reason to get pissed off at their kids and take away their Wii privileges.”

2. The invention of the iPhone app. REALLY? You mean to tell me that iPhone users couldn’t just pop tangible, real-life bubble wrap, they had to go and create an iPhone application that allows one to satisfy his/her “popping” itch ON THE GO?! (I’m going to cower in shame for two seconds of honesty. I downloaded the application myself and had it on my iPhone for not one, not two, but THREE months. Don’t fret, I finally deleted it and replaced it with the “knock on wood application”).


3. Bubble wrap appreciation day. The last Monday of January. I’m not kidding.

4. The fact that it is making this guy a millionaire (which you know he will be). NOT OKAY. A calendar. One where you can POP the days away. Boy, if that isn’t a metaphor for life, I don’t know what is. But, oh what the heck, I’m totally going to get one.


All for now.