The Funny-Girl’s Guide to Successful Dating

March 22, 2009·

As a female and a comedian, it is hard to develop and/or find a niche when it comes to “picking up” men (or women, who knows? I’m not judging). Typically, women comedians aren’t always the hot commodity at a bar or other type of social gathering. We have to fight and wit our way past the beautiful cheerleader-types, sorority girls**, and Olympic gymnasts in order to get even a good stare-down from a potential suitor. We funny women are the ones who are found standing in the corner at parties recounting embarrassing stories and telling 185 jokes [if you don’t know what a 185 joke is, google it.]

These are the types YOU may be competing with.
These are the types YOU may be competing with.

Anyway, so I have some experience with this, subsequently making me a credible source. I have had my fair share of relationship mishaps and “pick-up” fails [luckily THAT streak is over, athankyou 😉]. So, therefore, I like to think that I am somewhat of an expert in the “funny-woman-who-so-desperately-wants-to-be-a-sex-symbol” category.


The key to SUCCESSFULLY picking up a man is THREE FOLD:

1. Exude confidence even if you have none. Be the queen of faking it. Most comedians are improvisers, so improvise. [Yes, and…].

3. Compliment. Men love to be stroked, err, men love to have their EGOS stroked. So, stroke away. For example, tell him you saw Dane Cook in the shirt he is wearing [oh, and DO NOT, under any circumstances, reveal that you don’t like Dane Cook or you’ll never see past the first date]. Or, tell him that his hair smells like Ashton Kutcher’s. Compare him to a “hot” celeb and you will score major points. In case you planning to finish the dinner with some hot “dessert” at your place – use same tacticks.

3.5. When in doubt, crack a joke, in character. You know how to rock character work and you know puns. Throw ’em together and you have discovered romantic comedy gold.

So, there you have it. The funny-girl’s guide to landing Prince Charming, or at least a good substitute for the time being.


Ps: This is the pun winner for the week: (submitted by Zach Ward: comedian, director, DSI comedy rockstar)

Q: Why do Italians like to produce Theatre on Broadway?
A: Because they know how to RIG-A-TONY.


Oh! BAM!

All for now.


**Yes, I am a comedian and in a sorority. I’m simply using a hasty generalization for the sake of comedy. So, back off. 😉