Join my TWIBES!

April 26, 2009·


Are you on Twitter? Do you even know what I’m talking about? Well, if you are, then you should join my “Twibe.” What’s a twibe? Well, according to the Twibes “HELP” page:

A twibe is a group of Twitter users interested in a common topic who would like to be able to communicate with each other.  On each twibe’s page, there is a list of twibe members.  There is also a tweet stream that lists tweets from twibe members which contain key word tags. Tags are set by the twibe founder and are listed just above the tweet stream.  You can browse through twibes that have already been created by going to  

So, being the natural joiner and go-getter that I am, I decided to create a few Twibes… since these in particular were not already in existence. 

The “Social Media Coaching” Twibe:

  • This group is for anyone and everyone who is excited about social media, coaching, social media coaching, and networking. Any combination of those words, really. Check it out. Join it. Share information. Be awesome.

The “Improv” Twibe:

  • Okay, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with social media, but improvisation is my other passion, so of course when I saw the opportunity to create a Twibe for it, you know I jumped on that train. So, I thought I’d plug it here.
  • This Twibe is for anyone with a passion for laughter, comedy, positive attitudes, unconditional support, and the philosophy of “Yes, and…” Check it out. Share it. Join. Love. 

I have to admit, I chuckle to myself a little bit every time I say the word “Twibe.” Simply because it sounds like a 7-year-old-girl with her 2 front teeth missing asking a question about an Indian reservation or the College of William & Mary

So many new clients! So much excitement. So much awesome.

So much.