New Clients and Busy Blogging!

May 8, 2009·

MAN! Has it been a whirlwind of a week(s). I am super excited to have two new clients AND a new blog! Bark Radio, Thinkhaus Designs, and Investing Now. (These clients are in addition to my already awesome clients Just List ‘Em, Christine Walters, and Dana Merkel). 

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my new clients and give them a virtual “shout out,” if you will.

BARK RADIO: Man, oh man, am I excited about working with Bark Radio. Bark Radio is currently a podcast, soon to be live radio show, hosted by Dee and Terry and they LOVE dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs? I do. You probably do. Cruella DeVille doesn’t. They discuss all things dog and even share funny stories about their dogs. They offer advice, they discuss the latest trends, great activities to do WITH your dog(s), and even promote awesome causes FOR dogs. You should check out there blog here and follow them on Twitter: @BarkRadio

thinkhaus designs: A socially conscious design company. Thinkhaus is owned by an adjunct VCU professor named John O’Neill who is AWESOME. Currently, I am working with John and thinkhaus to discuss the promotion and production of their monthly talk and networking event called “HausTalk” (I actually promoted it in my last post). John’s first haustalk was great although it was small, but the last event had 80+ people. How awesome is that?! Needless to say, I am so excited to work with him. He and I are actually in the midst of planning an awesome social media workshop series to go on this summer (taught by YOURS TRULY ;)). So, keep checking back for more info on that. Oh, and you should follow him on Twitter, too: @thinkhaus

Investing Now: Investing Now is a real estate blog aimed at educating people on what is new, hot, and great about the real estate market right now. It REALLY is a buyer’s market and it’s time people really knew the 411, if you know what I mean. Their blog is updated weekly with awesome information for sellers AND buyers. We’re working right now on following a home through the whole process of staging, to placing it on the market, to selling, to closing. Awesome, right? Yeah, totally. You should follow their sister/brother company on Twitter: @justlistem.

Well, it’s Friday and I just had a tetnus shot this morning and my arm hurts so I’m going to stop typing. BUT I just want to reiterate how excited I am about working with new people. Know anyone who is looking for some consulting, blogging, social mediaing? Let me know. 🙂

All for now.


BTW: you should check out my comedy blog. I’m just saying. Who Has Two Thumbs?