And the home, of the, FREE!

July 9, 2009·

So, I know that our beloved country’s birthday was last weekend, but for some reason, I’ve been feeling extra patriotic lately. Maybe it’s because I know that our President is the best fly swatter we have, maybe it’s because of so many beautiful people coming together for the death of Michael Jackson, or maybe it’s because I look REALLY good in royal blue. I don’t know. To be honest, I’m not sure.

But what I do know, is that this man has inspired me. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this earlier, and frankly, I’m disappointed that I hadn’t until now. This treasured officer of the law serenades and gives the gift of angelic song to a large crowd in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee at a beautiful ceremony to remember fallen officers.

Watch his incredible version of our National Anthem. (Lyrics provided):

Oh say can you see
by the dawns early ligh, what so hella twilight
at da last gleamin no try, who broa so is fight
oh da rampits we watch, and mistreamin
and da rockets red glare, bombs burstin in air
gave proot tru da night, dat da star duh still dere
oh say ahhhhhhhhhhey wait
and da home of da FREE


Wasn’t that absolutely incredible? Doesn’t it just make you want to light a sparkler and make out the mayor of your town while watching 1776: The Musical? At least for me, it does.

Happy Birthday, America. 

This one’s for you!