Giving Back.

September 8, 2009·

This past weekend, I was reminded why philanthropic work is so important and why I am so passionate about volunteering as much as you can. (I swear, everything you are about to read has a point… I promise ;)).

When I was in college, I had the honor of being a part of Phi Mu Fraternity, a women’s social sorority. I didn’t fit in to the typical “sorority girl” stereotype. I played golf, was really into sports, most of my friends were guys, and I didn’t really even know how to put on makeup. Now, a lot of that has changed over the years, but I’m still very much the Molly that I was when I pledged in college. Was really drew me to joining Phi Mu was all the work that Phi Mu did for the community — especially the Children’s Miracle Network (which is also why I have a CMN fundraiser here on my blog –> to the right!). Having been out of college for a few years, I have had the opportunity to stay connected with Phi Mu and am now volunteering my time with the UNC Chapel Hill chapter here in Chapel Hill, NC. The collegiate chapter was in the midst of recruitment this weekend and listening to the girls talk about all they have done in the last few years — it really reemphasized the importance of the work that so many organizations do. It really made me miss my college days, too. 🙁 So, after thinking more and more about this idea of giving back, which is of course, not a new idea, I thought about how I can incorporate all of that even more into my professional life.

Since I started my business in the realm of blogging, writing, and social media marketing, I have really come to know the importance of acting and exhibiting integrity, honesty, and credibility at all times. Many of the nonprofit organizations I have done work for in the past, taught me a lot of that. I have set myself a goal that I want to volunteer my services to philanthropic causes and work to help organizations that help others.

I challenge you: how do YOU give back? How do YOU work to make things better for others? It just takes a little bit.

Today’s post was short, and may be a little haphazard, but hopefully you get my point. 😉 What do YOU think?