I’m Rick Rolling Myself

November 15, 2009·

You’re probably asking: “Molly, what does that mean? “Rick Rolling Yourself?”” I’m sure some of you over the age of 22 remember Rick Astley. Anyway. This is a rick roll:

Why am I Rick Rolling myself? Because I’m never going to give up on myself. I’m never going to let myself down.

Today I go in for training at my seasonal part-time retail job at Anthropologie (I’m going to try to not drool on every piece of clothing in there…). So, I will be at Anthro for training from 9AM-1PM. But, in fact, I have to leave training early to go to my other part time job at the most awesome Wootini Gallery. I’ll be there from 12PM-5PM. And then I will go to DSI Witness News rehearsal an hour late. I’ll be there until 6PM. Then I’ll eat food? Then I will have Improv SLAM rehearsal from 7PM-9PM. Then after Improv SLAM I will go home and I will probably stay up until at least 2AM or 3AM doing work for my business. The work will entail writing/responding to a gazillion emails, doing updates, generating content, etcetera, etcetera. And it’s a Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be a day of REST.

I didn’t mean to regurgitate my schedule to you, but I did so in order to make a point. I am now working two part-time jobs in addition to still trying to run and build my own awesome rockstar comedy social media empire business. Why am I doing this? Because I’ve now been on the “real job” hunt for six months – not that Anthropologie and Wootini aren’t real jobs. They totally are. You know what I mean though. The whole process has not only been difficult, but also somewhat disheartening.

Searching for job after job and never getting a bite or never getting a call can be a real downer. But you see, this is all part of the process. I have to Trust the Process. T the P. So therefore I am staying totally positive. I know I’m awesome.

After reading CRUSH IT, by Gary Vaynerchuk, I know that no matter what, if I’m passionate about doing what I want to do, then it will happen. I know that this, too, shall pass. Patience, in this case, is not the only virtue. Passion is a virtue. Passion is my virtue.

I’m not giving up. I’m never going to give up. And THAT’S why I’m Rick Rolling myself.

If you could Rick Roll yourself on something? What would you never give up on?