1. @Cindy – you’re absolutely right. When I lived outside of DC I used to pay the TOLL for the car behind me all the time. It’s really nice and people appreciate those small things. Also, hold the door for people, come on! IT’s the south!

    @Carrie – I completely agree. Thoughtful gifts are the best kind.

  2. The holidays are a great time to remember, it is often not the size of what you buy someone but the thought put into it. Thoughtful gifts are often bigger hits.

  3. Great list. I’d add one more. Do something little and nice for someone you don’t know each day, especially during the holiday season. Let a person who has fewer items in their cart than you get in front of you in line. In traffic, let that car turn out in front of you into the line of traffic. Say hello and smile at someone you pass, especially if they look down. Just as your number 1 on the list, you don’t know what is going on with that other person. Your little good deed may just what they need to turn their day, week, month, or life around.

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