1. Good advice there. I remember watching an interview with a gold medal winning sprinter some years ago. The interviewer was asking him how he got the edge on the other runners. And the said that he had the focus in his mind of running 110m and not a 100m. And he trained for that. He said he could feel the other runners slowing down before they even got to the line, and he was still aiming for running way past that. I think it’s a pretty good metaphor for life, aim for smashing through your existing goals and taking it further than anyone else.

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. I’ve decided that, rather than setting a dozen goals for January 1st and breaking them all, this year I’m going to try to portion them out over 2010. That’s right: one resolution per month… because self-improvement should be a constant in our lives, right?
    My first goal is to quit $#*@ing cursing. I shall, instead, replace all my expletives with ‘nougat’.

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