Make A Big, Bold Brand

December 14, 2009·

3009250832_5b9cee67cbEvery one has their own style. No two people are exactly the same. (Except for maybe the Olsen twins. They are eerily similar). There are different styles of writers, bloggers, marketers, advertisers, teachers, bosses, CEO’s, standup comedians, and improvisers.

Sure, to someone who isn’t familiar with the church of Improvisation, it might seem like improv is all the same. It’s a bunch of people on a stage getting strange suggestions and hamming it up to an audience. I assure you, this is not the case… most of the time. Styles of improv even vary from city to city and theater to theater. One theater might support an “organic” style of improv where you start slow and gradually find the crux of the scene, or figure out what the scene is out. Whereas another theater might be all about playing the game of improv – fast-paced, quick edits, an absurd world. and big bold characters. The latter is my world. And I love it. I’ve only been doing improv for a little over three years, but I know what is fun for me and what gets my adrenaline pumping. And that is no nonsense, take-your-breath-away improv. But each style is tied together with a few (or single) philosophical or abstract threads – make people laugh… now.

Similarly, in the world of marketing and media, there are completely different styles of how people want to connect and engage with their audience. Others are going to use more passive marketing techniques – warming you up with nice words and pretty images, and THEN proposing their deal. And again, each style is tied together with a single (or few) similar philosophical threads – make money… now.

Whether we are talking about the world of improvisation or the world of marketing, the truth is, the big, bold choices tend to be more successful than the passive, laissez-faire, approaches. If I want into an improv scene hesitant, coy, and non-chalant, the audience is going to not trust me and check-out pretty quickly. But if I walk into that scene playing to the top of my intelligence, making a bold, strong choice, the audience is immediately going to be engaged with everything that I am doing.

If you try to market your brand, your idea, or your business by just resting on your laurels, you are bound to fail… eventually. But if you make a strong, bold, choice – differentiating your brand within your niche, making it stand out, and engaging with your audience, you have immediately set yourself up to succeed.

When I perform, I want to make people laugh. I’m not going to do that by just standing off to the side letting things “happen.” I make them happen. I play the game. I go in strong.

When you own a business or you are promoting a brand, ultimately it’s about money and recognition. Make things happen. Play the game. Go in strong.

Question: What experiences have YOU had with a successful brand? How were they successful? How did they engage you? How did they stand out? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts?


photo credit: peterastn