1. Hilarious! I Loved

    ” If I have to wait tables forever to pay my rent, I will. And I will wait tables with a SMILE and PASSION and, damnit, I will make my customers laugh.”

    Because I read:
    “I just got a third job waiting tables, something I swore I would never ever ever ever ever do again.”

    Haha, Hey I didn’t know your dream is to be a comedian! Cool beans. That’s why you capture me. You really are funny! ♥

    Enjoyed 🙂

    Hosanna in the Highest!!!
    For His Love and Glory,
    ♥ Linda M

    1. thanks, linda! it’s actually amazing to see how different things are now… this post was written three years ago and my life is totally different now! LOL 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s possible to convey to you the amount of gratitutde I have to you for writing this.
    I think I originally stumbled upon you (on facebook) because you’re ComedySportz family. When I noticed that your posts were all geared toward social media, I was even more interested; I had recently decided that that was what I wanted to point my focus at (recent graduate with a PR degree)to give me the edge in the industry and I wanted to see what you were coming up with. I checked in occasionally to see what you were writing about, made mental notes of tools you were using, and even was able to spread the love about digital biz cards.
    It was inspiring to know that you were someone out there who was doing your own thing, understanding the way the world was changing and interpreting it for whatever masses were willing to listen and learn.
    Reading this blog though, comforted me on a whole new level.
    I’ve been struggling since graduation (7 months ago? geez) to keep myself positive about having yet to get my “JOB job.”
    I know I love performing and doing ComedySportz.
    I know I love to write and influence through writing.
    I know I love strategizing and the organizing and the planning and the “making it all come together.”
    I know I love making things and causes and people successful.
    So how do I turn that into what pays my rent AND puts gas in my car, not either/or?
    Every day after graduation that I walked into work at my restaurant, all I could think was “I’ve paid my dues.” I’ve served people beer, garlic fries, pasta, videos, ice cream,etc. for a decade. There is nothing wrong with this industry. But like anything else in life, I’ve outgrown it and am looking for more.”
    I turned green with envy when I read you had applied for jobs in a number up in the 90s. Somewhere along the 7 months I lost my momentum and settled into a “what’s the point?” attitude.
    Every day was a struggle of “why the hell can’t you be positive anymore?” My improv suffered, my social life suffered, everything suffered. I had little moments and spurts of “it’s all going to be o.k…these experiences are going to make the next achievment so much sweeter…so keep serving tables with a smile” but they were few and far between.
    Why am I baring my soul on your blog?
    Eh, a number of reasons.
    When New Year’s Eve rolled around, I toyed with the idea of challenging myself to get through this post-graduation, career-focused jobless slump. I stalled, unwilling to commit to even that. Because of course, “what’s the point?”
    But reading that someone I don’t even know personally, can admit that they’re broke and waiting or their “JOB job” and waiting tables and deciding to at least TRY (or Will themselves, if you will) to realize that now is going to be the way it is until later, and that they’re going to do whatever it takes…well..that’s something everyone needs to hear. Sometimes more from strangers than close friends or mentors who are doing very well for themselves in the industry.

    So thank you.
    You gave me some momentum.

  3. At about 11:30 this morning, I walked in my front door. As I turned the handle, I thought: “Molly hasn’t blogged lately. I wonder what she’s up to… Hmm. I’m sure when she gets back, we’ll hear about it…”
    Sorry to hear you’ve been hustling, but on the other hand, I’m glad to hear that if hustling is what’s required, you’re able to find the opportunities to do so.
    Besides, restaurant/bar patrons can be such fabulous humor fodder, right?

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