1. Just saw this post and the whole tipping culture in the USA is bizarre to someone from the UK. Yes I occasionally tip, only if it has been a bit special or someone has gone out of their way. Certainly in normal cafes/pubs tipping is not expected (always a nice bonus if it does happen though). I went white water rafting in Idaho a few years ago now. Everything had been paid in advance (group of 12 of us, university trip) but on the day we had a whole big hoo ha because we were expected to tip and one of us had brought much cash with us. Well we were all about to go belting down a river. I think tipping can obviously be good, I was a waitress as well, but I do think it is strange that it is expected. Do you have minimum wage? It maybe isn’t as good as UK? oh and here sometimes we have service charges added onto bill. No sorry service should be part of the cost of food stated etc, tipping should be a reward, a tip to say well done or a big thank you. Having said all of this when I go to USA now I’ll be aware of it and of course tip, respecting other cultures is important. Hoping to go to New York for 4 days in December and I am excited!

  2. The most I’ve ever done was two jobs plus school. Now that was a loadful I’m glad to be over. I know all about working retail. Man, the memories and the rude people…whew! Now I know this might sound a little ignorant, but personally, I’ve never understood the whole restaurant/server policy of tipping. I don’t know whay my hard earned money should pay someone’s hourly wage when all i want to do is eat out once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I tip, but only because I know what waiters and waitresses make. It doesn’t mean I like doing it. Maybe you can explain this a little further in a separate blog post:-)

  3. I know this post is old, but I got a good laugh from it. Thanks for linking it to your current post! There was a time after college that I worked three jobs – one full time desk job and two part time retail jobs. To never get a break and then have to deal with people and their ridiculousness all day can be hard.

  4. I totally get you. I work at a pizza place and I can’t stand it when we’re backed up and slammed and people call 45 minutes later (when we told them 45 minutes) and are yelling at me wondering where there food is, and 98% of the time it’s on the way and almost there. Seriously? Chill for just a few minutes I honestly don’t have time to be talking to you.

  5. I’ve waited tables for 6 years as a student and you’re right, it is HARD. I always tip extra now because I know server’s days are long, feet are tired and muscles sore. Kudos to writing this awareness piece!

  6. Oh, my word. Job 3, #4. I once waitressed at a gas station/bar/grill (but no bait!) at the lake. The place was only open weekend nights, and would get fairly busy. There were something like 15 tables, and half the time I was the only waitress. Once a month, a couple would come in with tickets to a show, and would sometimes only allow themselves about half an hour to sit, order, be served, eat, and leave. During the slow season, this was a little more feasible. During the busy season, not so much. I remember being particularly frustrated when the guy jumped down my throat about not getting served early enough, even though there were twelve tables in the queue when he arrived. Dude. We accept reservations, and you can even call in your order and we’ll have it ready when you get here. And, no, just because I wait on you once a month and you leave me a 10% tip does not mean I’m going to let your order jump the line in front of my customers who come out every weekend, tip well, and don’t yell at me. Furthermore, waitresses are NOT mind-readers. Let me know when I seat you that you’re in a hurry, and I’ll do what I can. Grrr. /Rant

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