1. I know your exact frustrations. I’ve been working out and reducing my calories and seem to get nowhere. Then I give up, eat everything and gain weight.

    Finally this month I’m back into working out and I’ve just had to have a different focus. Instead of weight/shape, I focus on exercise as building strength and my immune system as well as lessening depression. Even though I think I look overweight to most people (and have even had doctors say that to me!), my BMI is actually at a healthy weight. So my biggest challenge is my feelings about myself.

    My favorite type of exercise is weight training. I love the concept of building muscle instead of trying to lose weight. I also love the idea of building strength. Plus, it helped me overcome my shoulder tendonitis.

  2. LOL Molly!! It is nice to see that you are still very funny and light hearted!! I followed this link bc when i saw it on FB i thought to myself…’if this is the plateau i am all too fond of then i must read.’ Alas…it is. And I have been stuck here for two months. Its horrible. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I dont know what to do at this point, im eating oatmeal and protein shakes and working out sometimes twice a day, but its not coming off! Its like the dreaded last ten lbs! If you find any tricks or have any tips PLEASE SHARE!
    Love you and I hope you are doing well!!

    1. Oh GIRL I MISS YOU! Thanks for the lovin’. I’m glad I’m at least not the only one experiencing this. I’ve been told to just keep at it and it will happen… girl, If i find anything that works you’ll be the first that I’ll let know… LIOB!

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