March 27, 2011·

It’s Sunday. Had a GREAT time at church this morning – the sermon was awesome and the worship music was KICKING. Had a delicious lunch from my favorite restaurant. And now I’m in the office working and I’ve got some meetings this afternoon… all before tip-off at 5:05pm. That’s right, two of the most storied programs in college basketball are going to play a little ball. That’s right, North Carolina is taking on Kentucky in the ELITE 8 this evening. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You can just close out of this window right now and come back later. 😉

I would like to publicly state that I want the Heels to win this evening. And, in honor of that want, I am going to share some photos of a little game that already took place earlier this season. How about we just do all of THAT, again? Shall we? Let’s keep #WINNING.



Zeller says NO Kentucky, you may not.
Henson says, "I'm going to dunk on you, Kentucky."
Henson says, "You've been blocked, Kentucky."
Coach John Calipari is sad.


All for now.

all photos courtesy of Todd Melet, 1360 WCHL basketball photographer.