Big Announcement – I’m “rAVe-ing”!

September 6, 2011·

There’s never usually an easy way to do this, and I guessed a 140 character tweet or Facebook status wouldn’t really do it justice or explain the situation, so I figured writing a quick blog post about it would be easiest.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT: I have accepted a position as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for rAVe Publications here in Chapel Hill, NC. I start October 1st. 🙂

For those of you who know my current role as Duchess of Digital Media for 1360 WCHL and, you’re probably
wondering what I’m thinking.

First and foremost, the past two years at WCHL have been incredible – I have learned more than I could have ever possibly thought to learn, I’ve grown to LOVE this community and all that it has to offer, I’ve made amazing friends, (I met my future husband!), and I’ve grown by leaps and bounds both personally and professionally. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had successes. It’s time for a new adventure. Making the decision to leave WCHL was definitely not an easy one – but there are times when taking a risk and stepping outside of our comfort zone towards a new opportunity and venture can be rewarding beyond belief.

It’s not like I was out there actively searching for a job, but the opportunity at rAVe came about, and I knew that this was an offer that doesn’t come around often. It’s a HUGE professional growth opportunity for me and I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead.

About rAVe Publications: (From rAVe [Publications], founded in 1998 by Gary Kayye, is a news organization that provides coverage of the commercial (ProAV) and residential (HomeAV) audiovisual trade industries via e-newsletters, blogs, video, social media, and a variety of other mediums.

The target audience for rAVe’s publications is what we call “AV Insiders” – AV dealers, integrators, consultants, designers, etc. that deal in the sale, specification, design and installation of audiovisual products. We do not target what most people call “end users,” though a small percentage of rAVe’s readers may qualify as such, especially on the ProAV side of things.

rAVe is an opinionated news organization, providing news and commentary that reflect the opinions of its authors. We believe that all news is heavily affected by the views of its author, so we state up front that ours is going to be. We are also heavily biased towards the AV integrator/dealer’s perspective since, well, that’s our audience. However, we do NOT get paid by manufacturers, or anyone, for running off our editorial mouth. We run what we run based on what we think, and that’s it.

My position at rAVe will evolve over time, but to begin with, I will be in charge of expanding the marketing efforts of the company along with identifying areas in which the company can grow and diversify itself. This is an opportunity where I can be creative and continue to hone my professional skills.

I am beyond grateful for the time I have had at WCHL and this opportunity would not have happened if it weren’t for my experience and the fact that the staff believed in me enough to let me screw stuff up sometimes and figure other stuff out on my own. I will continue in a contract role at WCHL over the next few months helping cover some events and train the person who will fill my position. And don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere, you’ll still hear from me, fo’sho’. 🙂

Thank you guys for all your support!

BTW: Here’s the job description for my current job. So, if you know of anyone who might be interested, send it to them!

Digital Media Guru – / 1360 WCHL


First and foremost, our Digital Media Guru will be a dynamic, passionate and really cool person who will lead the way as the company evolves to a true multi-platform content and advertiser-solution driven business.

The Digital Media Guru (DMG) will manage our day-to-day digital media operations.  Currently this is primarily for the website and its related products (i.e. social media platforms, apps, newsletters).  The Guru will also be a key player in future expansion to other platforms and products.

This oversight will include producing, contributing and facilitating all technology and content across our digital platforms (others may have primary responsibility for certain areas, i.e. news, ad serving).

The DMG will also directly manage the Digital Media Dynamo (plus future additional staff) and indirect management of those responsible for contributing to the success of the digital media platforms.

The DMG will manage day-to-day relationships with outside vendors (i.e. CMS provider, database management).

This is a hands-on job with hours that will vary week to week based on the needs of the organization.  Flexibility is key.

The Digital Media Guru will report to the CEO and Managing Partner and be a member of the Senior Management Team which is responsible for guiding the business strategically, operationally and leading by example.


 First and foremost, fun!  You’re fun, you get fun and can translate fun to others on the web, social media platforms, etc.  This doesn’t mean every day is a party; it means you delight in connecting with people and your community.

 Love community!  We’re all about our community.  The community we serve.  Being a part of community.  Bringing community together.

 Team Driven!  You’ll be joining a team that is enthusiastic, personality driven and creative… and more than anything… has each other’s backs.

 Vision!  The digital content world is ever-evolving and we’re looking for someone who can not only keep up with how people are consuming content but apply foresight to what may be coming next.

 Dynamic!  You light up a room when you enter. You love the people you meet through this job and they love you and what you have to say.

 Passion!  For what you do and how you do it. And you’ll be vocal about it.

Here’s another way to put it: you work and lead as part of a team with your positive, can-do attitude.  You understand a senior position at a small and growing business means you need to be willing to step in and work where and as needed.  You earn respect through your actions and your commitment and you respect those around you who do the same.


 You get it!  Full knowledge, understanding and practical experience with distributing a brand and its content via the web, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the zillions of other ways people are and WILL consume and share content.

 A bit of tech-y!  Ability to use the various platforms to their maximum potential by understanding the full in’s and out’s of how they work technically.  You should be comfortable in using a CMS, laying out web pages, understanding of basic code and programming and experience in how to make the web, social media platforms and other tools/platforms sing.

 A great juggler!  Lots of balls to keep in the air all the time requiring skillful organization ability, prioritization, anticipation of needs, etc (and an extra eye in the back of your head doesn’t hurt!).  Be nimble!

Community knowledge and commitment!  Commitment to and knowledge of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro-Orange County community, relationships with local community groups and the individuals who make our home town special and an understanding of the unique role and 1360 WCHL play in the community.

Digital media know-how!  Experience writing for the web, blogs, social media, etc.  Photography skills (shooting, editing, etc) and ideally knowledge of the video world.

Entrepreneurial Spirit!  A results-oriented drive to build and grow our business as well as developing new business.  That drive should be bathed in creativity that you will use to customize solutions for our customers.

And the usual “skill” stuff!

  • Highly Organized
  • Detail Oriented
  • Hands-On
  • Ability to Teach and Coach
  • Able to Multi-Task & Prioritize
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Technical Understanding of Systems and Equipment (in-house, mobile and remote)
  • Knowledge of Adobe Audition or Cool Edit pro is a plus
  • Outstanding Production Skills
  • Adherence to Format and Guidelines
  • And, of course, basic computer skills in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (in addition to all of the digital media stuff above).

A Final Thought

The job outlined above will evolve and morph over time.  The person in the position will help discover and guide what works, what doesn’t, what needs to get done, what we want to get done.

This means we not only need a dynamic, passionate and together person… but someone with a pioneering spirit and an entrepreneurial soul.

Is this the Professional Opportunity for You?

If you see yourself as a great fit for us… tell us why by sending your cover letter and resume to Christy Dixon at or WCHL, 88 VilCom Circle, Suite 130, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.  No calls please.  Relocation is not available.

1360 WCHL, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station. We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants to our station. Organizations that wish to receive our vacancy information should contact Christy Dixon at 1360 WCHL by calling 919-240-6027.

All for now and much love.