The Stillman Wedding: Bride and Groom Gifts

March 27, 2012·

You know, when you plan and plan and plan a wedding for months on end – (seven months, in our case) – you wanna do all you can to remember, relive, and recap the day over and over again. It was the best day of my life. Our lives. Seriously.

It could not have been more perfect.

Well, we have our pictures and so I figured it would behoove me to, you know, blog some of them. Plus, I figured some of you (or none of you) might benefit to learn from what we did or get ideas or Pin your favorite images or you know, etc. etc.

So, over the next few months (or really as much as I decide that I want to) I’m gonna blog some various elements from our wedding.


And feel free to leave a comment with an idea for what you’d like to see, a question you might have, or inspiration you may be looking for. 🙂

Today’s edition: GIFTS!

Now, I struggled… and STRUGGLED… and struggled with what to get John on our wedding day. I knew I wanted to exchange gifts with each other, but he is so tough to shop for, so I was really having a hard time deciding what to get him.

It’s funny how things work sometimes, because the second I STOPPED looking for gift ideas, was the second I came across what I knew I needed to get him.

First, I know that this seems stupid – but my husband loves toothpicks. Loves them. Uses them all the time.

He also loves bacon. Really, what man doesn’t?

Found these puppies… Bacon Toothpicks. I knew they had to be included. Don’t judge.

Photo by Jillian Michelle Photography via Katelyn James Photography

Now, I’m sure you know by now that we are North Carolina fans. And John kept talking about a household project he wanted to work on was re-doing the mailbox area in front of our house. Also, my husband loves Carolina football. He might love me almost as much as he loves Carolina football. Just kidding… but sort of not.

So, when I saw this diddy, I knew it was meant to be.

Photo by Jillian Michelle Photography via Katelyn James Photography

All set up in front of the house. Looks good, right?! I know.

Photo by, well, me.

Obviously I didn’t know what John was gonna get me for the wedding… but oh, Lord, does he know me.

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

My husband knows me. An apron and oven mitts from Anthropologie? YES, PLEASE.

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Check out the apron in action this weekend. My golly, I am so domestic. It’s absurd. WHOAMI?

Photo by, well, my husband, on my phone.

And, oh Lord. A teal box. From Tiffany’s. I was in heaven.

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

What did you and yours get for your wedding? Comment below with ideas, inspiration, and fun stories!

xoxo, All for now.