52 in 52: Cinco de Mayo

March 30, 2012·

Cinco de Mayo | 1502 East Franklin Street | Chapel Hill, NC 27514

 | Phone: (919) 929-6566 | Website |

It’s no secret I love Mexican food.

Like, I love Mexican food. A lot. A lot. A lot.

So, I’m always on the hunt for the next favorite Mexican restaurant. And Cinco de Mayo in Chapel Hill does NOT disappoint. As far as Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill go… it’s the best. It’s my favorite.

The service is SO good – it’s fast! The wait staff is kind, knowledgeable, and on point (especially with the rate at which I down Diet Cokes, they are IMPRESSIVE with the refills). They have TVs around the restaurant, LIVE salsa dancing on Wednesday nights (AND salsa dancing lessons!!), and their patio has GREAT outdoor seating.

Chips + Salsa, FTW!!

Arroz Con Pollo (no vegetables – vegetables ruin this dish. keep it simple. chicken. cheese. sour cream. hot sauce. YUM.)

Their lunch specials are the bomb and their dinner specials are always reasonable. Now, of course, it’s a similar Mexican restaurants to MOST Mexican restaurants. However, their food is FRESH. The plates aren’t boiling hot when they come out because they aren’t just tossing pre-made plates in the microwave. Every meal is prepared fresh on location rather than pre-prepared in some regional warehouse and shipped out to restaurants in the area.

Seriously. Try Cinco de Mayo. Tell me how much you love it.

Now I want queso dip.

Drat. I’m a monster.


Any restaurants you’ve been to this week? Comment below with your recommendations or awesome culinary finds!