My Attempt at Fashion: A Coral Blazer

April 2, 2012·

This post was totally inspired from a sorority sister and awesome blogger, Chelsea (@ceislin on Twitter). You should check out her blog. She’s awesome.

Okay, I’ve never exactly been “known” for my style. 

Case in point:

I mean, seriously. What's going on with my shorts?

Okay. That was then.

We’re talking about now.

Like, it’s not that I dress poorly, I just don’t really have a “knack” for fashion. Or a budget. However, I have been known to thrift shop, eBay shop, and Target, Plato’s Closet, etc. shop with the best of them.

I don’t know whether it’s because of Pinterest, growing up, being married and not wanting my husband to think he’s married to a frumpalicious lady, or trying to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a real fashionista, I’m making a concerted effort to be fashionable.

So, I figured it might be fun for you guys to experience this with me.

Last week, John and I went shopping at Belk (cause they were having a sale! …and we had a gift card) to get some much needed new clothes.

BTW: It’s not Belks. It’s Belk. Why does every southern woman over the age of 13 say “Belks”? It’s also JC Penny. Not Pennys. Singular. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, back to the Belk shopping. I got this fab Coral / Salmon / Pinkish blazer. I heard they’re “in” this year. WOOT. On sale – it was $24. Not too shabby.

I got the blazer home and was concerned I wouldn’t have anything to wear with it. So I laid out some outfits. Here they are, in all their glory.

What do you think? Outfit fail? Win? Comment with your thoughts. Do you struggle with fashion like I do? I’d love your advice!

Blazer (Belk - $25), Shirt (JCrew Warehouse Sale $10), Necklace (Kohl's Sale $4), Shorts (Vineyard Vines, super old), Boots (Got them in Italy when I was in college. Paid for them in Euros. No idea what they are).
Kohl’s Jewelry

Blazer (Belk), Shirt (Anthropologie, really old... no idea even who it's by), Shorts (Belk - YMI $19), Necklace (no idea where I got it), Boots (Boot Country USA in Nashville, TN... buy 1 pair of boots get 2 free, baby!)
Blazer (Belk), Dress (JCrew, old), Necklace (JCrew Warehouse Sale $10!), Shoes (Nine West, Belk - SALE!)
Blazer (Belk), Dress (Belk $34.99, SALE), Necklace (Old), Shoes (Nine West - Belk - SALE!)
Blazer (Belk), Shirt (JCrew, really old), Necklace and Bracelet (JCrew Warehouse Sale $10, $5 respectively), Jeans (Citizens of Humanity jeans, really old - but I got 'em off eBay for like $15!), Shoes (Nine West - Belk - Sale!)
Why am I so awkward at taking self-portraits? I apologize for my awkwardness.

Okay. There we have it. Poured my fashion-inept heart out.


Thanks for bearing with me. I might start doing more posts like these if I get some positive feedback. haha. Oh Lordy.

xoxo, All for now.