52 in 52: Cuban Revolution [ @cubanrevolution ]

April 13, 2012·

So remember when I told you Hubs and I had a date night last weekend? You know, Loretta Lynn? That thing. Well, we went to dinner beforehand to a restaurant neither of us had been to (hence the purpose of 52 in 52).

We went to CUBAN REVOLUTION in the American Tobacco District in Durham. Here’s the dealio.


Cuban Revolution | 318 Blackwell St # 100  Durham, NC 27701 | (919) 687-4300

Website | Twitter | Facebook


First impressions? Loved the music, atmosphere, and feel of the place. I had a feeling I would like this place. Also, the prices were VERY reasonable considering what you were getting and the quality of the food. Also, our waitress was FABULOUS I wish I could remember her name cause I would give her a shout-out.

So, we got an appetizer of empanadas… but they were gone before I could take a picture of them. Honestly, they were okay. Kinda boring. Not the best empanadas I’ve ever had… they needed a sauce of some kind.

John got the Garlic Shrimp which also comes with plantains and Cuban bread… OH and roasted pineapple! SO JEALOUS. I wanted roasted pineapple. He loved it but said it wasn’t very filling…

I got the Havana Chicken with jalapenos. It also came with Cuban bread and plantains, but I felt jipped cause I didn’t get roasted pineapple. Oh wells. My dinner was DELISH. So flavorful and SO filling! Like, there was a TON of food. SO MUCH FOOD. It was so yummy. Honestly, it tasted a lot like some of the meals I make at home (and you know I’m a good cook, so of course it was good).

Overall Stillman Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stillman Stars.

Have you been to Cuban Revolution? Thoughts?

Where should be go to dinner next? Leave a comment with your suggestions!