That’s Making Me Happy

April 19, 2012·

You know, I keep talking about how lucky I am. Seriously. I just feel super blessed. And there’s a whole lot of random stuff making me happy right now. I try to not forget the little things. The things that we can take for granted. So, I thought you guys might like to know the random whatnot that’s making me happy. Right now.

I painted my nails.Ballet Slippers” by Essie.

I painted my toes, too. TIFFANY BLUE, y’all. This is the “For Audrey” polish by China Glaze.

My husband snuggling on the couch with our dogs.

Chipotle. Burritos. You know, that thing.

THESE MACHINES. Now, I know not everyone knows how to use them, but I loooooove them. Diet Coke with multiple flavors for EVERYONE!

Husband bringing me a Diet Coke… in a monogrammed “M” coozie… when I’m putting away laundry.

That’s all making me happy and whatnot right now.

What about you? What’s making you happy right now?

xoxo, all for now.