DIY Neon-Toed Shoes

May 7, 2012·

You guys, remember when I showed you a preview of these little diddies last week? Well, I got a bunch of questions and a bunch of requests to show you how I did them!

Well, it’s here, yo!

I’ve seen many tutorials out there – but I wanted to try it on my own and switch it up a little bit to make them a little bit more casual than dressy.

Also, I wanted to try it on the cheap to make sure it worked before I went and bought other shoes to try this little DIY on.


Here’s what I did.

[here be mah shoes. i got these from wal-mart for $5. quite literally $5. i know, wal-mart shoes for $5 dollhairs. hard to believe, right? *this is me being sarcastic* sure, these shoes look boring and nerdy and ordinary. and they are. but wait.]

[now i used some painters tape i had around to tape off the areas of the shoes i didn’t want spray paint to get on. pretty self explanatory. but seriously, over cover. you can’t be too careful when taping the shoes].

[I got some Rust-oleum fluorescent neon yellow spray paint and spray painted those bad boys. NOW HERE IS THE KEY: do light, sweeping motions back and forth. DO NOT spray too long directly on the shoes or else the paint will run and pool. mist the shoes. you can mist the shoes for a while, but don’t over do it. also. be careful of wind. i wasn’t so careful and messed up a little bit but was able to fix it quickly.]

[now let the shoes dry in a, well, dry place. then get your sealant. i’ve had this clear acrylic sealer for a while – i think i got it from Michael’s or maybe even Wal-mart in the crafts section. it’s like $3 or $4.]

[spray a couple sweeping clear coats of the sealant when you spray painted the shoes. again, do it in light sweeping motions. you don’t need to do much, but make sure it’s fully covered.]

[let your sealant dry and then remove the tape and BAM. you got some sweet new kicks.]

[i couldn’t wait to see what they looked like on so i went ahead and tried them on that night. now, this obviously was a different outfit than i was planning on wearing them with but i kinda loved it. i mean, it was also nighttime so i didn’t get to wear them out (also cause they were still wet) but i was pumped to get a preview.]

[seriously, i know they’re $5 Keds-looking shoes from wal-mart, but i’m kinda loving these. now i want to get a bunch more pairs and and a bunch more colors and have a pair to match all my outfits hahah!]

[I can’t wait to show you the outfit I wore the next day with my new AWESOME neon-toed shoes!]

oh, heck, here’s a little preview:

I’ll have more tomorrow AND some shots from spending some time with sweet friends this past weekend!

SO, what do you think? Would you do this to your shoes? Have you tried this? Have you bought shoes like this? I’m seriously digging these. Anywho.

Happy Monday!

xoxo, all for now.