My Attempt at Fashion: Sherbert + Lilly is Dressy Casual?

May 21, 2012·

You guys, it was a jammed-packed weekend. I am tired. Not even gonna lie to you.

But I’m looking forward to this week – MOSTLY cause I’m seeing DAVE MATTHEWS BAND ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT. omgah y’all. I can’t wait. It’s okay if you’re not a Dave fan, but if you are, I’m sure you share in my excitement.

Anywho. I’m gonna get to the meat of today: makin’ that skirt dressy casual? Or something.

I have had this Lilly Pulitzer skirt for, again, what feels like forever. I think it’s from the fall line of 2007? MAYBE 2008, but I think 2007. I got it at the end of the season when it was on SALE, too!

I’ve always loved this skirt but haven’t worn it in a long time because I would only wear a white sweater or a white shirt with it and I felt like that was so boring. One thing that I’ve really loved about playing with patterns and colors and whatnot since I’ve really delved further into my fashion exploits, is I’ve become more daring in my pairing of outfits.

YES THAT RHYMED! Daring in my pairing! My golly, I am a nerd.

So yeah, I wanted to wear the skirt last week – especially since I love it’s flattering shape.

To the Ladies who have larger rears like yours truly: A-LINE SKIRTS / DRESSES ARE OUR FRIENDS!

So yeah, what do you think of this outfit? Love? Hate? Do you like the casual t-shirt with the dressier skirt and shoes? Do you have a skirt you never wear cause you feel like you can’t match anything with it?

[the photo below reminds me that i need to get back to weed-eating more often. dang sidewalk weeds].

Outfit Deets:

  • SHIRT: Target (this season, only $6!)
  • SKIRT: Lilly Pulitzer (circa 2007)
  • WEDGES: Nordstrom / BP (Fall 2009)
  • BELT: Target
  • NECKLACE / PEARLS: No idea. I’ve had them forever
  • BRACELET: JCrew Warehouse Sale ($5!!)
  • Toe-nail color: For Audrey by China Glaze

what are y’all up to this week? xoxo, all for now 🙂

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