My Attempt at #FASHION: Cobalt & PINK! so fancy.

June 4, 2012·

you guys, this is my pensive look.

You guys. I have no idea what it is about this outfit, but I feel so fancy in it. I know it’s shorts, and a t-shirt, but I wore this outfit and I felt dang fancy.

Maybe it’s the COBALT blue? Well, you could argue it’s ROYAL blue. So I was like royalty! Or something. I refuse to say that this shirt is Duke blue (or dook blue as my husband would say… sorry Elise 🙂) I like to think it’s CNU blue! GO CAPTAINS! Anywho, I like wearing this color.

Also, if it’s not the shirt, it could be these shorts. I got them on super sale at the JCrew outlet a couple weeks ago. I got these puppies for $12 on sale and marked down from almost $60! WIN!

Or, if it’s not the shorts, it could be the cobalt wedges that I snagged from the 70% off clearance rack at Target. That is the BEST PLACE TO FIND SHOES. Oh man. These hot COBALT / CNU blue wedges were a whopping $6.58 at my Target… down from $30! YESSSSS.

OR, if it’s not the wedges, or the shorts, or the t-shirt, It could be the PINK. Pink is my fave color. DUH. And I love neon pink.

Needless to say, I FEEL FANCY, YO.

Please excuse my sorry excuse for hair in this post… the North Carolina humidity is brutal on her sometimes and it was especially true on the particular day I wore this fancy thing I called an outfit.

also, i’m not going to apologize for it, but i am going to let you know that yes, i am aware i am pale. this is not a new development, but instead of getting burnt to a crisp every summer, i choose to protect my fair skin with like 19081028 SPF and rock the “fair, delicate matron” look. or something.


Outfit Deets:

What do you think? Do you feel FANCY in certain outfits? Or certain colors? What color looks REALLY good on you or what color do you LOVE to wear?

Also, I’m linking up with the FABULOUS Sarah over at Simply Sarah for her PINK link-up. 🙂 So much pink so much fun!

xoxo all for now.