Friday High Fives – I Went to Prison

June 22, 2012·


Oh, I’m sorry if you were lured in by the “I Went to Prison” title. I didn’t go to prison cause I was bad… if you keep reading, you’ll see what I was talking about.

It’s Friday, which means I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog.

Here are my High Fives for the week:

1.  Tiny Arm Parties – no, I don’t have tiny arms – I just like to have tiny arm parties. They make me feel fancy. Also, I am kind of obsessed with my bow bangle from JewelMintmy $150 winnings went a long way. I LOVE JewelMint!

2. Making delicious dinners at home from “what we have lying around” – I hadn’t been grocery shopping yet after I got home from The Vegas and wanted to make the hubs a nice dinner – so with some food I had lying around the house and my wits, I whipped up this delicious Shrimp, Spinach, and Broccoli alfredo-esque thing. It was nom nom nom.

3. Starting a new #SheReadsTruth plan yesterday… and getting a little smack in the face from the Word. If you’re interested in learning more about the #SheReadsTruth community, check it out here!

4. I went to Prison. Some of you probably know (because I have mentioned it here before) that I volunteer in the women’s prison in Raleigh, NCCIW (North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women). It’s a maximum security prison and the largest and primary prison for women in North Carolina. I know some of you probably think it’s crazy to think that this bubbly girl you’re looking at goes behind the walls of a prison a couple times a month. Well, I do. I usually go to lead worship for the church services we hold in the prison, but this past Wednesday, I went to be a “guest judge” for their NCCIW Idol competition! IKNOWRIGHT?! It was awesome. Whoaly moly there is some SERIOUS talent behind those prison walls.

In a lot of ways it kinda breaks my heart that there is serious talent that is, in many ways, wasted because of a few mistakes and wrong turns along the way. But honestly, I loved the experience getting to see the women sing for once (rather than me up there singing…). It was also “Religious Night” so they all sang praise and worship songs and it was AWESOME.

Also, to see the other inmates there in attendance rooting them on was SO cool to watch. It was a room FULL of super supportive women who just so happened to be wearing prison uniforms.

I love working with the women in NCCIW and I’ve honestly begun to form great fellowship with some of the ladies. I pray for them all the time – everyone makes mistakes, but everyone needs to feel loved and forgiven – and I love getting the opportunity to show them that grace, love, and forgiveness. </end rambling>

5. The #YOLOMONDAYS link-up is coming to the blog THIS MONDAY. Y’all. GET READY. Cause #YOLOMONDAYS are gonna be off the hizzy. If you didn’t get the deets, you can check yesterday’s blog post for ALL the juicy deets (just scroll down to the bottom) – but yeah, grab your button, and share WHATEVER YOU WANT THIS COMING MONDAY (and EVERY Monday thereafter). Why? Cause #YOLO!

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Alright, y’all. That’s all for now. Happy Friday.