1. I LOVE your new blog design and I love it even more after I found out the photo of your boots is from your wedding day!

    Your floral cardi is so pretty and you’re rocking the neon shorts!


  2. I absolutely love your new header Molly!!! Like I’m totally obsessed & the design is fabulous too. Now I’m going to have to go back & re-read your post bc I really was only looking at the photos & distracted by the fab header!

    1. thank you SO much, raquel! i thought it fit since i wore them on my wedding day and you know i love the cowboy boots. so glad we share that love 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi! Just found your blog today and I’m loving it! I tried to link up but something goofy happened and it looks like my image isn’t showing up (#17). 🙁 Are you able to delete it so I can try again? I’m feeling technology impaired…Thanks for hosting the link up!
    xoxo Jen

  4. first of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design! it is perfect!! and $15 for both of those – that is my kind of deal. you are adorable as always! have a great start to the week molly!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design! Fabulous!!!

    Also, I adore your neon shorts. And that with the cardigan for $15?! What?!? Jealous!

    And I linked up. Of course.

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