1. I love when you have a piece that you can wear so many different ways. My favorite is the one with the stripes – but I love blazers and stripes!

  2. I love your bright coral blazer! It is so happy looking and the bright color takes a little bit of the serious-ness out of a blazer and it just works so well over your patchwork skirt! (Those are some crazy cute wedges as well.) ^_^

  3. What a great blazer. That shade of coral just looks amazing on you and I love all the ways you’ve styled it. Although I have to say that today’s with the yellow and bright print skirt is the best! 😉

  4. I love that red blazer!! SO cute!! and I saw those shoes in blue/green at target for under $10 but they felt so high for me I wasn’t sure if I’d actually wear them. They look SO cute on you!!

  5. So glad that you linked up Molly! I love your outfit (of course)…it’s the type of style that totally makes you smile (hey…that rhymes!)
    So I’m not surprised that you received tons of compliments 🙂
    XO – Marion

  6. I don’t own a single colorful blazer… but I want one so badly! (In fact, I’m determined to hit up a few thrift stores on my lunch break and see if I can find one!) I love how yours looks with that bright yellow top and cute skirt!

  7. Ok, I have to admit I’m a little bit jelly here. I do not own a colored blazer. I would love to own one but haven’t found the right one for the right price. Yours looks a-mah-zing. Jelly. Yes. But I won’t hold it against you. 😛

  8. I can see why you’ve gotten so much wear out of that blazer – it’s beautiful! I love the color and fit on you. Also, those wedges are soooo cute! Yellow + gray is my favorite color combo 🙂

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