Friday High Fives – Call me tumbleweed, cause I’m blown away

June 29, 2012·

You guys, whoaly moly. There are really no words right now to express how blown away I am at the response from yesterday’s post. John and I are humbled, grateful, and… just speechless for your words of encouragement, generosity, and love. It’s crazy how people come out of the wood-works… and then people whom I’ve never even met in real life can make such an impact. So, I thank you. We thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

I love it.

And don’t forget, you can still shop my closet!! or donate or just find out more information about our trip to Kenya. It’s all in the post.

I also forgot to mention that John and I are actually leading the trip this year – so you have no idea how much your support means to us.

Okay, on to today’s Friday High Fives and highlights from the week and other things I’m excited about.

1. Tyler Zeller got drafted and then traded to the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS! YESSSSS!! I am a huge Tar Heel fan and I’m, sadly, a huge Cleveland fan. So needless to say, I was pumped when I saw that Z got traded to the Cavs. Now I can root for them again! I’ve been a little bitter ever since we lost LeBron.


2. I played GOLF last weekend!

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve played golf since I was 2-years-old. I played in high school, coached a team, taught golf for a few years – but I honestly have played maybe ONCE in the last three or four years. I don’t know why, I just hadn’t gotten the chance to get out and play like I used to. So this past weekend, hubs, myself, and our friends Greg and Cindy hit the links. Hubs was my caddy and Cindy was Greg’s caddy. It was awesome!

Picture below: me (far left), Greg (middle), my caddy (right)

Still Being Molly - Golf

Oh yeah, I’ve still got it. Look at that form. LOL.

Still Being Molly - Golf

And yeah, that shot below, that was my TEE SHOT on a par 4. BOOM. 🙂 But yeah, in all seriousness, it was HOT out, but it felt SO good to get out and play again!

Still Being Molly - Golf

3. My friends are on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! My BFF Dani’s husband and his BMX team are on America’s Got TalentFAN their page! And they’re gonna be on the first LIVE show this coming week.

This picture below is Dani over at my house on Monday recording a video of the broadcast on her phone so she could send it to her hubs who was on the road so he couldn’t see the show. LOVE it.

4. Homemade ice cream sundaes. I love ice cream. A lot. I love making homemade ice cream sundaes. My preference? Either Ben & Jerry’s “New York Super Fudge Chunk” plain. OR, strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Pictured below.

Speaking of ice cream – this tweet, tweeted by my husband, totally sums up our relationship / his sense of humor / my life:

So true. I heard that ice cream truck and BOOM, I went to the door. LOL.

5. The new DMB album comes out September 11th! I can’t express how excited I am. YES!!

Oh man, so yeah. GOOD TIMES THIS WEEK. I’m excited for the weekend and I’m excited for all that God has in store for this year. Everything just keeps getting better and better.

OH! And don’t forget to enter my MLB wine / beverage glass giveaway with Taylor Brigham Designs!!! There’s still time to enter! 🙂

Love y’all! Happy Friday!

xoxo, all for now.