1. Molly, for real – can I raid your wardrobe this week? I have been dying for a striped blazer for months, and I cannot believe you found this one at Marshalls! I just ordered one, so fingers crossed that I actually like it… I love the green pants too, but I totally did the same thing a few years back – I had these awesome aqua pants from New York and Co., but every time I wore them someone would be all “oh, um… those are really bright!” I probably wouldn’t wear them now anyway because I don’t think they were a good fit, but it is funny how stuff always comes in and out of style so quickly! Oh, and in random answer to your other question, it’s ridiculously hot in Chicago during the summer (where I live), but my office is an icebox, so I rely heavily on cardigans and blazers paired with breezy camis for the summer months – that way I can easily cover up inside and still be cool outside! 🙂

    1. you can raid my wardrobe anytime, laura!! 🙂 yes! the marshall’s blazer has been one of my best finds lately. 🙂 🙂 and i’m with you – it’s hard living in a place where it’s SUPER hot all the time but then the AC is BLOWING inside and so it’s cold one second and hot the next

  2. I love those pants!! they are so cute!! and I think I have that same blazer! I just bought it and would like some cooler weather so I can wear it!

  3. The pants totally rock! I love that green! I had some pants I got a rid of a few years back that would be SO cool now. 🙂 You look super cute!

  4. Hah, I have so many things in my closet now that I would have considered seriously “uncool” even a few years ago! (Colorful pants were a huge one, and then a few days ago I found polka dotted pants! Eeek! I would have though I was crazy even a year ago for thinking those would be cute.)
    I love a colorful pant in a wide leg, it’s fun to break away from the skinnies for a little while, and the wide legs seem to make then a little more office-okay. I am just crazy over your accessories, that mother of pearl mosaic bracelet and the sideways cross necklace are so pretty and special looking. 🙂

    1. i know, right?! they were so cool a few years ago and then they weren’t and now they are. make up your mind, colored pants!!!! and thank you so much for your sweet comment, katie!

  5. totes had those J.Crew chinos in the most annoying shade of lemon yellow, and finally donated them last fall… I def wore the crap out of them in college and got crazy looks… oh well, hopefully they went to a good home that appreciates their current trendy-ness! You look too adorable! The blazer is a perfect solution for working in an ice box but yet being crazy enough to live in the South (same sitch for me too!)
    Have a great weekend

  6. Love your green pants, girl! I used to have tons of colored pants and skirts, but then I watched too much What Not to Wear and got rid of most them. (boo.) I do still have a pair of mint green flare cords from about eight years ago that are now pretty cool. 🙂 Colorwise at least. 🙂

  7. SO great that you didn’t get rid of those! The AC is insane here in AZ, so honestly I have to take a polar fleece with me when I know I’m going to be inside for long periods of time. This is a fantastic look! Love the crisp stripes with the green.

  8. Great outfit! I’ve been a fan of the colored chino for years. I pretty much wear chinos every day to work and have acquired red and green pairs over the years and I totally know what you mean about getting those kinds of comments about them. But I LOVE wearing them all the same…and JCrew certainly makes them long-lasting to boot!

  9. I just found your blog and think it is awesome! I’m totally following you now! Cute pics and color choices. Love the green pants. I’m inspired. Love how your blog represents your cool, fun personality. Have a great weekend!

    xo Monica

  10. I love this post….I dont ever listen to people that try to tell me something isn’t cool because when I was a freshman in college ( ick 6 years ago) someone tried to tell me not to buy this pair of white Paige jeans because white jeans weren’t cool…………….bahhahahaha I kinda want to call them up today and say suck it because I still rock that same pair of jeans!

  11. Your blazer looks adorable with your now cool pants 🙂 Living in FL I find that everyone likes to keep the AC SUPER cold in the summertime because it gets so humid out. This is generally fine with me except for the walk into my office from my air conditioned car which always fogs my glasses up (such a nerd). I find myself wearing long pants and blazers almost daily since I’m inside most of the day…blazers are definitely my go-to for a cold office 🙂


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