1. confession: I’ve never worn sequins! I think I have some shiny beads on a top, but no sequins for me. I am encouraged by your comment “it’s impossible to be sad in sequins.” I like as stripes too 🙂

  2. How are you so adorable all of the time??? Love this look…the orange shorts are super fun. Also, what are your thoughts on jewel mint? I’ve been a member for awhile and seen a lot I liked, but haven’t purchased anything just yet. I guess I’m a cheap-o and used to buying $2 necklaces at forever21…is the purchase worth it?

    1. aw what?! thanks girl!! i LOVEEEE jewelmint! now, i was super lucky and won a $150 credit – so I got basically my first 6 pieces free. BUT, i totally want to get more. the quality of the pieces is really good and they’re all so unique! TOTALLY worth it!

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